[SHOT 2023] Vudoo Gun Works Unveils First Centerfire Rifle – The Morpheus By: Matthew Moss


TFB got the exclusive first look at Vudoo Gun Works’ brand new centerfire rifle – the Morpheus at this year’s SHOT Show. The new rifle arrived on the floor just a couple of hours before and we got to take a look at it. The Morpheus will initially be available in .223 Remington, 6mm & 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, and .308 Winchester in a short action with a long action to follow on.

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Morpheus from Vudoo Gun Works (Matt Moss/TFB)

The rifle displayed was in a PRS style configuration and featured a carbon fiber barrel from Helix 6 Precision, a Genesis G10 hunting stock – with an adjustable cheek riser from Foundation, and an American Rifle Company action. The rifle had a full length 1913 Picatinny rail across the top of the action for mounting optics but a version with a 2 piece rail – allowing open access to the action – will also be available. Vudoo Gun Works noted that long and short action versions of the new rifle will be available and the bolt is likely to be fluted.

Morpheus from Vudoo Gun Works (Matt Moss/TFB)

In terms of a retail price for the Morpheus Vudoo Gun Works suggested a rifle in a hunting configuration might come in at around $3,000 but MSRP will largely depend on the configuration that is chosen. The rifle is available to order now, and Vudoo Gun Works anticipate delivery of the rifles will begin in early May this year.

Morpheus from Vudoo Gun Works (Matt Moss/TFB)

Morpheus from Vudoo Gun Works (Matt Moss/TFB)

The Morpheus’s action is provided by American Rifle Company (Matt Moss/TFB)

On handling the Morpheus the rifle felt extremely well built, with a very smooth action. The action itself is a Coup De Grâce action from American Rifle Company which has a three-lug, 70-degree throw bolt and uses interchangeable floating bolt heads. It has dual cocking cams to reduce friction within the bolt for easier bolt lift. The rifle has an adjustable trigger hanger which allows for a smooth bolt cycle.

Keep an eye out on  vudoogunworks.com for more news on the Morpheus.

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