Military Authorized Leave


Leave is a very important military benefit. Military members accrue leave at the rate of 2.5 days per month, this equals 30 days per year. Normally, you are authorized to carry over 60 days from one fiscal year (beginning October 1) to another. This means that if you have more than 60 days of unused leave on October 1, you will lose any days over 60.

Under special circumstances the military may authorize you to carry over more than 60 days.

Military members may also be authorized administrative leave if they are:

  • Absent because of sickness or wounds; or
  • directed to be absent from duty to await orders pending disability retirement proceedings for a period that is longer than his authorized leave

then you are entitled to the pay and allowances you would receive if you were not absent.

With a few exceptions, a member who is authorized to be absent for a period that is longer than the leave authorized is not entitled to pay or allowances for the time beyond that authorized.

If have leave to your credit at the time of your discharge or re-enlistment, you may be entitled to sell it back. Leave is valued on the basis of the basic pay. Each day of leave is worth a single days basic pay.

See: Should You Sell Back Leave or Take Terminal Leave When You Get Out

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