NYPD incorporates jiu-jitsu training for safer ground restraints By:


By Joanna PutmanPolice1

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NEW YORK — The NYPD has begun training officers in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a specialized martial art, to improve safety during arrests, CBS New York reported.


“Jiu-jitsu and wrestling are both sports that utilize minimal force to control a suspect. By using minimal force, you prevent injuries to suspects, civilians and officers,” Lt. Kirk Anderson of the Tactical Training Unit told CBS.

Jiu-jitsu coach Rener Gracie has been brought in to train about two dozen officers in a new method for restraining noncompliant suspects, even if they are armed, according to the report. The goal is for these trainers to incorporate the method into the Police Academy curriculum and teach current officers.

Gracie is working with the officers on a move he calls the SafeWrap, he told CBS. The new restraint hold involves wrapping the limbs while the suspect is on their side, rather than the traditional chest-to-the-ground technique.

“There is no joint lock, no pressure point, no chokehold and no compression of lungs or diaphragm, so it’s the safest method of two-on-one restraint that has ever existed in law enforcement,” Gracie said.