MI: Vote no for Matt Hall By: August Shettler



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The primary elections in Michigan for the House of Representatives are fast approaching, and one of the most important things during this primary election is holding accountable every politician who voted for gun control.

Especially Michigan Republicans who claimed to be pro-gun, but then turned their back on the Second Amendment and voted YES on several disgusting bills that implemented Red Flag Laws, Gun Free Zones, Mandatory Firearm Storage, and Universal Background Checks. These bills were:

  • Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders: HB 4148, and HB 4145
  • Mandatory Firearm Storage: HB 4144, and HB 4139
  • Gun Free Zones: HB 4150, and 4149
  • Universal Background Checks: HB 4143, HB 4138, HB 4139

These Republicans are Matt Hall, Tom Kuhn, Kathy Schmaltz, Mark Tisdel, and Donni Steele.

The biggest offender is Minority leader Matt Hall.

Matt Hall is supposed to lead the House Republicans, defend our gun rights, and set an example by making sound constitutional decisions. Yet he completely failed and instead assisted the anti-gun Democrats in passing unconstitutional laws. That is why he must be unseated and replaced this August.

A great candidate named Richard Cutshaw is running against Hall. Richard, in his own words, stated:

“’Mandatory storage’ laws passed by the House (including several Republicans) are, in my opinion, unconstitutional because your home is your safe storage, and the government has no business telling you how to protect you and your family. ‘Red Flag’ laws passed in 2023 are a huge overstep by our state government. In their attempt to create a gun registry, they’ve allowed the seizure of law-abiding citizens’ firearms without due process.”

Cutshaw also received an A+ on our candite survey.

So, this August, vote for Cutshaw, and stop RINOs like Matt Hall from taking away your rights.