DE: Campus Carry Ban Imminent By: Grant Clarkson



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Anti-gunners in Delaware are looking to further restrict Second Amendment rights by eliminating the ability of law-abiding citizens to carry firearms on the campuses of colleges and universities.  

HB 311 would alter Title 11 of the Delaware code by updating the definition of “Safe School Zone” to:

Any building, structure, athletic field, sports stadium or real property owned, operated, leased or rented by any public or private school including any kindergarten, elementary, secondary, vocational-technical school, college or university. 

We know the dangers that gun-free zones bring – public areas are turned into soft targets that those with malicious intent are able to exploit. Carry bans like these have long left gun-owners stranded in a difficult situation of trying to maintain their own safety while earning an education. As our Second Amendment rights are RELENTLESSLY attacked, educational institutions continue to draft up absurd solutions such as bullet proof backpacks, ballistic resistant whiteboards and even prepping children to throw rocks at attackers instead of turning to the easiest solution: deterrence through strength.

Those with malicious intent will ALWAYS think twice when there is a possibility that their potential victims can fight back. This means letting regular teachers and students arm themselves as they see fit, something that 11 other states already allow. 

HB 311 is moving VERY quickly and has landed on the Governor’s desk. Use the form above to demand that Governor John Carney VETO this bill and preserve Second Amendment rights on college campuses.