YOUR SUITS SHOULD COST AS MUCH AS YOUR GUNS: Price Parallels Between Guns & Suits. Cost vs. Quality By: The Suited Shootist


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CAVEAT:This was originally filmed in 2022, before I was aware of Taurus’ increase in QC and production methods. As such, I no longer view them as a bottom-tier firearm.

There’s all sorts of buying rules:

Live on X% of your income.

The ring should cost two month’s salary.

Spend as much on the scope as you do on the rifle.

Every hobby has its guidelines on how people should spend their money.

I found that clothing is one arena where people don’t necessarily understand WHY certain things cost more or less. Most of the time, you hear the excuse, “Well you’re just paying for the label”

Sometimes that’s true. ESPECIALLY with well-known fashion brands that people want to show off. I’m looking at you, Gucci, Prada, YSL, and Armani.

With that said, there’s differences in material and build quality between cheap department store suits & a well made garment from a tailor just the same way as there’s differences between Hi Point and Heckler & Koch.

I break it down into a few simple categories, to try and contextualize what you’re really getting for your money, and keep things relevant and relatable.