Vending Machines: A New Way to Buy Ammo! By: Larry Z


July 9, 2024 Larry Z

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This week, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, found itself at the center of a groundbreaking and slightly cheeky innovation in ammunition sales, reports ABC News.

While a local grocery store decided to remove its ammo vending machine, the concept itself is booming across the state.

Developed by American Rounds, this isn’t your average snack dispenser. It uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence and facial recognition to ensure that each shotgun shell or rifle round goes to the right hands, matching buyers with their IDs in a flash.

Here’s the kicker: this method isn’t just cool—it boosts safety and cuts down on theft. The company proudly states on its website that all transactions not only meet but exceed the legal standards for ammo sales.

Despite the removal from one Tuscaloosa store due to sluggish sales, the city council has confirmed these vending machines are totally above board. That’s right, completely legal.

Meanwhile, the buzz is building, with six kiosks already up and running in Alabama and Oklahoma, and more on the way across the South. Texas, Louisiana, and more Oklahoma locations are on the drawing board.

Local enthusiasm is high, and while critics online might shoot sharp words like “deeply dystopian” or playfully ponder “what could go wrong,” per the ABC News report, the future looks promising for this novel way to obtain ammo.

After all, what’s more American than grabbing bullets with your bread and milk, all while ensuring a safe and legal transaction?

Lock and load, shoppers—the future of ammo buying is here! What do you think? Would you use one of these ammo vending machines?

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