PSA 5.7 Rock Review: A Versatile Performer* By: Chris Linville


Recently, I had the opportunity to put the PSA 5.7 Rock to the test, and what started as a simple range day turned into an in-depth evaluation of its versatility, reliability, and performance. This review highlights the strengths of the PSA 5.7 Rock, showcasing why it stands out as a practical and reliable firearm.

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PSA Rock 5.7

Table of contents

  • Setting the Scene
  • PSA Rock First Impressions at the Range
  • An Unexpected Challenge
  • Design and Features
  • Real-World Reliability
  • PSA Rock Value for Money
  • Specifications
  • Conclusion

It was a bright Saturday morning when I decided to take the PSA 5.7 Rock out for a spin. The plan was simple: spend a few hours at the range, familiarize myself with the new handgun, and evaluate its performance. The PSA 5.7 Rock, with its sleek sniper green finish and threaded barrel, immediately caught my eye. Its design suggested both practicality and a certain flair, making it an intriguing addition to my collection.

Upon arrival at the range, I set up my targets and prepared to test the PSA 5.7 Rock. The first thing I noticed was the ergonomic grip, which felt comfortable and secure in my hand. The optics-ready slide promised an easy addition of a red dot sight, though for this test, I used the iron sights to get a feel for its base performance.

As I fired the first few rounds, I was impressed by the smooth action and minimal recoil. The 5.7x28mm cartridge, known for its high velocity and flat trajectory, made the handgun feel precise and easy to control. The 20-round magazine capacity was another plus, providing ample firepower without the need for constant reloading.

The PSA 5.7 Rock’s accuracy stood out during my initial shooting sessions. At 25 yards, I found it easy to consistently hit the center of the target. The flat trajectory of the 5.7x28mm round contributed to this accuracy, making it an excellent choice for both close and mid-range shooting.

As I continued my session, a fellow range-goer approached and mentioned that they were setting up a practical shooting course nearby. This course involved various dynamic shooting drills, including moving targets and rapid-fire scenarios. Intrigued by the challenge and eager to test the PSA 5.7 Rock further, I decided to join them.

The course began with a series of stationary targets set at different distances. The PSA 5.7 Rock performed well, with each shot hitting its mark. The ergonomic grip and lightweight design made it easy to handle, and the minimal recoil allowed for quick and accurate follow-up shots.

Next, we moved on to the moving target drills. This was where the PSA 5.7 Rock truly shined. The high-velocity rounds and flat trajectory made tracking and hitting moving targets much easier than with other handguns I’ve used. The smooth action and reliable cycling of the Rock ensured that there were no malfunctions, even during rapid fire.

PSA Rock 5.7

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The PSA 5.7 Rock boasts several features that enhance its performance. The optics-ready slide allows for easy mounting of red dot sights, enhancing its versatility. The threaded barrel is perfect for attaching a suppressor, which can be a valuable addition for both range use and field applications.

The handgun’s overall construction feels robust and durable. The ergonomic grip and textured surface provide a secure hold, even in wet conditions. The controls are intuitively placed, allowing for quick and easy operation. The high-capacity magazine is another advantage, ensuring that you have enough rounds for extended engagements.

One of the standout features of the PSA 5.7 Rock is its 5.7x28mm cartridge. Known for its high velocity and flat trajectory, it offers superior accuracy and penetration compared to traditional handgun calibers. This makes the PSA 5.7 Rock a formidable option for both self-defense and recreational shooting.

Throughout my range session and the dynamic shooting drills, the PSA 5.7 Rock demonstrated exceptional reliability. There were no malfunctions or issues, even when quickly transitioning from stationary to moving targets. This reliability is crucial for any firearm, especially one that might be used in defensive situations.

The handgun’s lightweight design also proved beneficial during the drills. Carrying it for an extended period was not burdensome, and its ease of handling allowed for quick target acquisition. The minimal recoil further enhanced its usability, allowing for accurate follow-up shots if necessary.

The PSA 5.7 Rock stands out as a budget-friendly yet high-performing option in the handgun market. While it might not carry the same elite reputation as some higher-end brands, its performance and features offer exceptional value. Priced affordably, it delivers reliability and quality that can compete with more expensive firearms.

One of the key selling points of the PSA 5.7 Rock is its impressive array of features. The optics-ready slide allows for easy customization with a red dot sight, enhancing its versatility for different shooting scenarios. The threaded barrel adds to its practicality, especially for those looking to use a suppressor. Additionally, the ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, and the high-capacity magazine provides ample rounds for extended use.

In terms of functionality and cost-effectiveness, the PSA 5.7 Rock is hard to beat. It offers a robust build, reliable performance, and practical features that cater to both new and experienced shooters. For those seeking a dependable handgun that won’t break the bank, the PSA 5.7 Rock delivers an outstanding balance of affordability and high performance.

  • Model: PSA Full Size 5.7 Rock
  • Caliber: 5.7x28mm
  • Capacity: 23+1
  • Weight with Empty Mag: 25 oz
  • Barrel Material: Carbon Steel With QPQ Finish; Fluted
  • Barrel Length: 5.2″
  • Twist Rate: 1/9″
  • Thread Pitch: 1/2×28 TPI
  • Front Sight: Co-Witness Sight
  • Rear Sight: Co-Witness Sight|
  • Slide Material: 416 Stainless Steel with Sniper Green Cerakote Finish
  • Action: Delayed Blowback Striker-fired
  • Mag Catch: Reversible
  • Safety: Trigger & Striker
  • Accessory Rail: Picatinny
  • Magazine: 23rd Steel 5.7x28mm Magazine (Ships With 2)
PSA Rock 5.7

The PSA 5.7 Rock is a versatile, reliable, and practical handgun that excels in both range and real-world scenarios. Its lightweight design, high-velocity cartridge, and ergonomic features make it an excellent choice for self-defense, field use, and recreational shooting. My unexpected journey with the PSA 5.7 Rock highlighted its performance and reliability, proving that it is more than just a range toy. It should be understood that ammo comes at a substantial cost over other carry options.

Whether you’re looking for a dependable handgun for self-defense or a versatile firearm for various applications, the PSA 5.7 Rock is up to the task. Its robust construction, reliable performance, and practical design make it an invaluable addition to any firearm collection.

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