TUCKED VS. UNTUCKED SHIRT CONCEALED DRAW: Featuring the PHLster Enigma. Draw to First Shot By: The Suited Shootist


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Six months ago, I did a dry run of my concealed draw to first shot times with the PHLster Enigma from under a tucked-in concealment garment.

Given that I was wearing my Duluth joggers in that video, some people were concerned that actual pants would have a more restrictive waistband that would significantly impact the draw times.

So I ventured out to Big Tex Ordnance’s new range facility to put it on the clock and see for myself.

And the results were….

The same. There’s no appreciable difference between draw to first shot with a tucked shirt vs. untucked.

The only thing that had a major impact on things was when I added the additional layer of the jacket.