Saturday Movies: PRS/NRL Shooting Skills and Rifle Accuracy By: Editor


July 6th, 2024

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Saturday Movies: PRS/NRL Shooting Skills and Rifle Accuracy

PRS 6mm GT 6GT george Gardner Dave Preston Long Range Precision Shooters

Are you looking to get started in tactical/practical competitions? Or perhaps you already have have some PRS/NRL experience but want to upgrade your equipment and enhance your match results. Here are eight videos that can help you improve your game. These videos feature top PRS/NRL competitors and knowledgeable manufacturers’ representatives. You’ll find other related videos on the Long Range Precision Shooters YouTube channel.

How Accurate Are the Top PRS Shooters?

In this video, MDT put three top centerfire PRS shooters to the test, running them through some of the most difficult stages. The goal? To showcase the level of accuracy and precision these top shooters can achieve. From shooting off barricades to hitting targets from rooftops and rocks, these shooters demonstrate why they are considered among the best in the world. Top-tier modern PRS/NRL rifles when shot prone from a bipod at 100 yards can do 1/3-MOA or better for three shots.

Building a Custom PRS/NRL Rig

Action, trigger, barrel, chassis, rails, and optics — this video from Burris covers all the key components of the modern PRS/NRL rifle. This video discusses the pros/cons of various configurations and the explains what to look for in a PRS/NRL riflescope.

PRS Tactical Division Explained

In this video MDT Shooter Matt Stiner explains the basics of competition in the PRS Tactical division. The video covers rifle, cartridge choice, optics, and key accessories. He also explains how to set up your PRS Tactical rig for best results. In addition Matt talks about bullet and brass options.

Shooting a PRS Match for the First Time

Here’s an amusing video from the land Down-Under — Australia. The video covers a club PRS match, showing various shooting positions. Around the world, the PRS discipline is growing rapidly, particularly with younger marksmen under 35. The matches are fun and fast-paced and the sport is much more dynamic and physically challenging than benchrest or F-Class competition.

Building Your Rig — Gear and Cartridge Selection for PRS/NRL

Part of a Firearms Depot PRS mini-series, this video covers gear and cartridge. Host Adam delves into the core elements that craft a winning setup. The video covers factors to consider when choosing a cartridge. The video also discusses chassis and barrel selection. Along with the gear talk, the video covers factors to consider when selecting a smith to help with chambering and rifle building.

Road to the PRS

This video from Kestrel offers good advice on getting started in PRS/NRL shooting. Experts demonstrate multiple shooting positions and offer advice on shooting from barricades. Topics covered include rate of fire, scope use, and equipment selection.

Savage 110 Elite Precision — Good Production Class Choice

This Alabama Arsenal video shows the Savage 110 Elite Precision on PRS Match stages using bags, tripods, and bipods, firing from stone barriers, field frames, and wood platform supports. If you are in the market for a PRS rifle, this video, which now has 355,000 views, is well worth watching. It covers specific features including trigger, chassis, magazines, and Atlas attachment. NOTE: The price limit for Production Class has risen significantly over the years, with a current MSRP max of $3000 for the rifle and $2500 for the optic.

savage elite precision ultralite custom 6mm creedmoor 25 caliber hunter match

PRS on a Budget — Converting a Basic Rifle for PRS Use

Top of the line rifles for competition are exceedingly expensive, but there is another option if you have a rifle in the safe that doesn’t get much use. Top F-Class shooter and wind coach Keith Glasscock notes: “I converted my .223 Remington varmint rifle into a Tactical class/PRS training rifle to save costs on ammunition and barrels so I can get better, faster.” Keith shows a very logical way to get started in the PRS/NRL game.

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