AIWB SUIT CARRY: Special Considerations When Carrying Appendix Under A Jacket By: The Suited Shootist


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When most people think about carrying a handgun under a jacket, they default to either shoulder holsters or behind the hip. For those of us who carry appendix inside the waistband (AIWB), there are some unique considerations when an open-front cover garment, like a suit, is introduced.

If you’ve only ever worn a closed-front cover garment like a hoodie or a t-shirt, it’s easy to overlook the challenges of how open-front clothing behaves.

This is where the “old guard” has one up on us. Whether it’s OG IDPA shooters or FBI carriers, they’re accustomed to contending with a vest or jacket.

The first time I tried this at the range, I used my regular drawstroke and quickly discovered that it was inconsistent and had a high potential for failure.

In this video, I discuss my discoveries and explain why I prefer to draw an appendix-carried handgun when wearing a jacket over everything.