The Acebeam Terminator M2-X, a Palm Sized Powerhouse By: Allan Smith



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By Fred Rowlands – SOFREP

Flashlights are one of the most used and needed devices today next to cell phones and even they include a flashlight demonstrating our need for light when we find ourselves in the darkness.  I was taught not to fear the dark and how to see with minimal light, blue light (shudder!), red, and green light but like so many people I include a flashlight in my everyday carry.  The Acebeam Terminator M2-X is a good multi-source EDC flashlight I’ve grown to appreciate.

What I Want In a Flashlight

Well, light of course but only in the amount I need.  I’m not one to use a lot of light when a small amount will do, so having a flashlight with multiple modes is ideal.  The M2-X includes 4 different levels of white flood light allowing you to light up a room or the backyard

Lowest Setting, Flood Mode.

A multi-source light is also desirable as in, flood mode and spotlight mode.

Multi-Source Light.

Both serve a purpose and the M2-X allows you to use either or both at the same time.  The spotlight is especially focused and powerful providing 900 Lumens at 500 Meters.While I wasn’t able to test it at 500M I can attest it did light up the end of my property 400ft away in a very dark and foggy/mist-filled night

Very Focused and Very Bright Spot Mode

While using both lights at the same time you not only light up your backyard but your neighbor’s porch as well though I did choose not to show it!

Both Spot and Flood Lights

Sometimes I don’t want white light but I need light for signaling or reading a map etc and the M2-X provides that as well with an aux light that switches through seven combinations of Red Green and Blue with the ability to stop on Red to better read something or for signaling purposes.

Red Light, at Arms Length

A flashlight that’s rechargeable and stands on its own are welcome features these days and required if you wish to stay abreast of the competition.  The M2-X’s battery is a USB-C rechargeable 18650 3100mAh battery providing up to 38 hours of run time depending on mode of course and the battery indicator shows when it needs recharging.  The light is also impact resistant from 1.5 Meters and submersible and waterproof up to 2 meters.

Tail Stand Capable

Lastly, it has to be easily carried so size and a good pocket clip are important.  The M2-X fits in the palm of my hand and has multiple serrations to assist with gripping whether by open palm or with gloves.  The clip allows being held in a pocket, or attached to Molle or PALS easily and securely

Attached Clip In Use

So Dark I Almost Lost the Dog

Testing a flashlight isn’t really all that hard, what you need is a dark night the darker the better.  Testing it inside was easy, I just turned off the lights and turned on the video camera easy, as you can see here.A few nights later the perfect opportunity for testing outside came about, total cloud cover with some fog and a constant mist.  Without the light I would have lost track of my dog and had to trust she did what she was supposed to and not go visit the neighbors or chase an armadillo.  The M2-X proved more than up to the task and was in fact, perfect for the environment I was in.  Testing the spotlight scared off some birds who had taken shelter in the trees and the using both the flood and spotlight mode scared a cat out from the used lumber pile.  And I never lost track of the dog.

The Brightest Flood Mode

Garfield out.