Day Pack – Mystery Ranch Gallagator 10 – The Best Yet? By: Allan Smith



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By Rodney Pointer – SOFREP

I enjoy weeklong excursions in the wilderness as much as the next guy, but that’s not an option when you lead a busy life. I know, I know, I hear you already: “But Rodney, the point of going on a long trip in the wild is to escape the hustle and bustle.” Well, yes, you are correct, but I have four boys that keep me incredibly busy. The next best thing is a day hike, which requires a day pack.

The Mystery Ranch Gallagator 10

When it comes to a day pack for hiking, I consistently find myself using the Mystery Ranch Gallagator 10. It’s definitely one of the best lightweight day packs that I’ve used in the past several years. I don’t know about you, but when I hear the name Mystery Ranch, I get a little excited. I’ve fallen in love with every one of their products that I’ve owned, and for good reason. The quality of their gear is top-notch.

The top lid allows easy access into the day pack.


The best feature of this day pack is the rip-zip access that keeps you from moving items on the top to get to those packed deeper in the pack. This is a common annoyance for those that retrieve items on the bottom of the bag. You always end up having to pull stuff off the top, which causes you to lose something very important.

If you need to be retrieve something deep in the guts of your pack, lay it over and pull the main zipper down. The contents of the bag will now be on full display so you can grab what you need without ever having to move things around. I was most thankful for this feature when my can of Beanee Weanee’s fell to the bottom of the pack.

The main compartment can be exposed with one zipper.


Inside the day pack is a pouch you use to hold a hydration bladder. You run your hose out the top and secure it with a nifty band on both shoulder straps. I use my Hydro Flask on day hikes rather than a bladder, but this isn’t a problem since the pouch holds it securely.

There are two small pouches on the side of the pack you use to carry a water bottle or other accessories. I typically use these to carry a spare drink or rain poncho. A first aid kit or Israeli bandage will work perfectly, giving you quick access in the event of an emergency.

On top of the bag is a small pouch used to keep your keys and other small items.

A small compartment on top holds the small stuff.


If you find yourself taking shorter trips into the woods or going on a longer bike ride, then this day pack is for you. This 10-liter pack weighs less than a pound and is a dream to carry. At $89, this day pack is an absolute steal when you consider the quality and features it offers.

Pick up your pack today and get outside!