Texas Concealed Handgun Class By: Chris Reitsma



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The Texas concealed handgun class is the state required course needed to get your Texas license to carry. Although many still refer to it as a “CHL” or a “concealed handgun license” it is actually called a license to carry. We only have one carry license in Texas and it allows you to carry open or concealed.

The class is now online, you don’t have to sit for 7 hours in a crowded classroom anymore. The online Texas concealed handgun class is available statewide 24/7. You can take it at home and at your own pace. The online LTC class is self paced and your progress is saved every time you complete a section.

Texas Online Concealed Handgun Class

The online class is broken down on a basic level making it easy for everyone to pass. It’s so easy we have a pass guarantee. We created the easiest online LTC class in Texas. Our online class is approved statewide by The Texas Department of Public Safety. We have thousands of students a month from across the entire state.

We made the class mobile friendly so it works on all devices including your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Most people take the class right on their smartphone.

Certificate of Training (LTC 104)

You will receive your official Texas DPS certificate of training instantly as soon as you pass the online LTC class. You will not have to wait for it, you can download it immediately. This is the certificate you will need to apply and receive you license to carry from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Concealed Handgun License Application

The Texas concealed handgun license application is completed online on the Texas DPS website. There are no longer paper forms to fill out. The class will cover th application process in detail and provide you with the link to apply. It’s a simple and fast online application process.

You can get started now and enroll in the online LTC class. Once enrolled you can take it at your own pace anytime, anywhere you want.


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