New LTC-104 Certificate Replaces the LTC-101 AND LTC-100 By: Chris Reitsma



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Texas DPS issued a new LTC-104 form (handgun training certificate) that will replace both the LTC-100 and LTC-101. The new Texas LTC-104 certificate combines the LTC-100 and LTC-101 into one form. This makes it easier for the department to process license to carry applications. It also makes it easier for LTC instructors by having only one form to deal with.

What is an LTC-104 ?

The LTC-104 form is the handgun training certificate you get when you complete the Texas license to carry class. It replaces the LTC-100 that you received when you took an in-person LTC class and the LTC-101 that you received if you took an online LTC class.

Texas DPS combined the previous two handgun training forms into one certificate, the LTC-104. Now everyone that takes the Texas LTC class will be issued an LTC-104 certificate regardless if the class was an online class or an in-person class.

Certificate Release Date

LTC instructors will start issuing the LTC-104 on May 1, 2024. Not all instructors will convert to the new certificate on this date, so some will still issue the LTC-101 and LTC-100. DPS will continue to accept the LTC-100 and LTC-101 until all instructors have converted to the new certificate.

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