How to Get a Texas LTC By: Chris Reitsma



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Are you wondering how to get a Texas LTC, also known as a Texas license to carry? The process to get a Texas LTC is super easy and is mostly completed online. We will cover everything you need to know about getting a Texas license to carry and take you step by step.

Why would you want a Texas license to carry? well, having a Texas LTC allows you to carry in more places and provides you with a bunch of legal protections. The license gives you trespass protection, allows you to carry in other states while traveling, allows you to carry past “no gun” gun buster signs and a whole lot more.

The Texas LTC Class

The first step is to take the Texas LTC class. The Texas license to carry class can be taken online now, from the comfort of your home. We are the official state provider for the online Texas LTC class. Our online LTC class is approved statewide by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

We developed our online LTC class to be the easiest in Texas and it works on all devices including your smartphone. It’s so easy that we have a 100% pass rate and a pass guarantee. We wanted to make it easy for everyone to pass the LTC class on their own schedule.

The online class is available 24/7 and it’s a self paced course so you can start and stop when ever you want. Take the fist step by enrolling now.


Online LTC Application

The second step is to submit your online application on the Texas DPS website. This is covered step by step in the LTC class and you will receive direct links to do everything. The Texas license to carry application process is easy and simply done online from home.

LTC Fingerprints

This is step three. Texas law requires that you submit fingerprints for your license to carry background check. The online course covers this in detail and also provides all the links. When you submit your online application, DPS will also email you the link and fingerprint information.

Getting your Texas license to carry is fast and easy. Anyone wanting to carry to protect themselves and their family should get a LTC. It provides you with needed protections and allows you to carry in more places.


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