YouTube video leads Ore. police to alleged graffiti vandal, $10k in spray paint and supplies By:


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PORTLAND, Ore. — A YouTube docuseries called “CHAOSTOWN,” in which a Portland tagger bragged of having a huge stash of spray paint, led police to his Centennial neighborhood home — and to the seizure of $10,000 worth of his spray paint and supplies, police said.

Portland police said Tuesday they raided the home of suspect James S. Fischel in the 1800 block of Southeast 174th Avenue when he wasn’t there.

But officers did find a supply of over 1,500 cans of spray paint, which the 40-year-old Fischel called “every graffiti writer’s fantasy” in an episode of “CHAOSTOWN,” the Portland Police Bureau said in its statement on Tuesday.

Officers with PPB’s Neighborhood Response Team opened an investigation into the Portland man after they found the YouTube video featuring a person they identified as Fischel in mid-May, police said. Although Fischel is concealed in the video, the officers gathered enough information to tie the video to him and his home, according to police.

Police allege that Fischel is responsible for a string of GIMER tags that stand for Graffiti is Me Escaping Reality. He is also suspected of supplying other graffiti vandals with supplies, police said.

Police have not arrested Fischel, and he has not been charged with any crime related to the seizure as of Tuesday. But police said in their statement that that would change.

“While Fischel is currently out of the area, law enforcement is aware of his location and pursuing criminal charges,” the statement read.

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