Webinar: What cops want in 2024: Strategies to boost officer wellbeing By:



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Police1’s fourth annual State of the Industry survey focused on what officers need to improve their wellbeing. Our expert panel will break down the responses from 2,833 officers and provide actionable insights for police chiefs. The discussion will review mental health support, wellness checks and how to create an environment that encourages officers to seek help without fear of stigma or repercussions. Chiefs will learn how prioritizing officer wellness can improve job performance and safety within their forces.

Additionally, the panelists will cover practical solutions to common challenges such as managing work hours, integrating wellness programs into daily operations and fostering a balanced work-life culture. Experts will share strategies for providing support services and promoting overall health, including the provision of counseling services and fitness opportunities during shifts.

During this webinar, sponsored by Utility, panelists will discuss strategies to address key findings of the survey, including how to:

  • Implement effective tools for mental health support and conduct regular wellness checks.
  • Create a supportive environment that reduces stigma around seeking help.
  • Develop practical solutions for managing work hours and integrating wellness programs into daily operations.
  • Foster a balanced work-life culture and the value of peer support networks.



L – R: Chief Ken Wallentine, Dr. David Black, Commander Mark Galvan

Ken Wallentine is the chief of the West Jordan (Utah) Police Department and former chief of law enforcement for the Utah Attorney General. He has served over three decades in public safety, is a legal expert and editor of Xiphos, a monthly national criminal procedure newsletter. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Death and serves as a use of force consultant in state and federal criminal and civil litigation across the nation. He is the senior legal advisor for Lexipol.

Dr. David Black is the founder and president of Cordico, which provides first-responding agencies with essential policy insights, training programs and timely content focused on mental and emotional wellbeing. Cordico was acquired by Lexipol in November 2020. He is the chief psychologist of the California Police Chiefs Association Wellness Committee, a board member of the National Sheriffs Association Psychological Services Group and an advisory board member for the National Police Foundation’s Center for Mass Violence Response Studies. He serves on the IACP Police Psychological Services Ethics Committee and the National Fraternal Order of Police Officer Wellness Committee, and is an officer wellness subject matter expert for the California Commission on POST. Dr. Black has been serving law enforcement since 2002.

Commander Mark Galvan has served in law enforcement for 18 years. He joined the Castle Rock (Colorado) Police Department (CRPD) in November 2009 where he worked as a patrol officer, detective (both with the Castle Rock Police Department and Douglas County IMPACT Unit) and bike patrol. He was promoted to sergeant in 2018, overseeing both patrol officers and the Community Action Team (CAT). Commander Galvan has been an instrumental part of CRPD’s wellness programs. He is the department’s E-FIT coordinator and serves as CRPD’s Peer Support Coordinator. His passion for wellness and mental health programs at CRPD is deeply rooted in his personal wellness and mental health journey. Commander Galvan oversees the Special Operations Division, which includes the Community Partnership Unit (CPU), Community Response Team (CRT), school resource officers, animal control, Homeless Outreach Team and traffic.