Ga. city fires police chief, suspends nearly entire police force due to ongoing investigation By:


By Sarah Calams Police1

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WARM SPRINGS, Ga. — A police chief has been fired and 11 out of 12 officers were suspended after an internal investigation of the department.

The city of Warm Springs in Meriwether County announced the termination of Chief of Police Emilio Quintana and the suspension of 11 officers on Wednesday, reported. One officer, Aisha Al-Khalifa, remains on the force and has been appointed interim police chief.


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In a statement, city officials said the changes were made after “careful consideration of recent events and emerging concerns regarding the conduct and operations within the department. The investigation aims to ensure the integrity and accountability of our law enforcement officers and to restore public trust.”

“We understand the impact this decision has had on the community and are dedicated to maintaining public safety and trust. Further information will be provided once the investigation progresses,” said city council member Tammy Howe.

The Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office will assist the department as needed, according to city officials. “The Meriwether Sheriff’s Office has previously provided backup to the city of Warm Springs along with every other city in Meriwether jurisdiction and will continue to regardless of whether there is a municipal officer on duty or not,” the sheriff’s office said.