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Everyone has a podcast these days. If you have some niche of interest, then there is a podcast for you. Seriously, are you into model trains? There isn’t just one, but several podcasts about model trains and model building. Guns are a bit bigger than model trains, and you can bet there are plenty of gun-themed podcasts. (Speaking of Podcasts, did you guys know Gun University has been featured on the Joe Rogan Experience, not to brag…) 

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Firearms podcasts have really taken off in the last couple of years. Firearm-themed podcasts have been around for quite some time, but admittedly, most weren’t very good. A lot of early ones where more akin to radio shows with bits and skits, and they came off as unauthetnic. The current crop seems to focus wisely on the idea of conversation. A podcast doesn’t need bits and skits but just good, authentic information. 

What makes a good podcast a great one? We have the external factors that are indifferent to the content. We want to hear good audio. Clear and crisp audio is nice. If you can’t understand the speaker or speakers the podcast is useless. Get a microphone and don’t use your phone! 

Internally, you typically want to inspire, entertain, or educate. If you can nail one of those factors, then you’ll have some pretty decent content. When I listen to podcasts, I want to be inspired, educated, or entertained. In the gun world, you can hit all three, but you tend to need to be able to pull in good guests. Good guests have interesting perspectives and allow you to hit the two Es and the I. 

When I made this list, I looked for podcasts that offered high-quality, well-produced content that offered meaty content for you to digest. I also factored in guests because you have to be really entertaining to have a podcast that doesn’t bring in guests, and most people aren’t Bill Burr. With that in mind, I have seven gun podcasts that I think you’ll love.  

Gunday Brunch comes from GAT Marketing, a marketing firm in the firearms world. In full disclosure, I’ve worked for and with GAT for years. However, I’ve never worked on the podcast or for it. Of all the podcasts on this list, it’s the one I watch weekly, so I honestly think it’s a fantastic podcast. The podcast is hosted by Keith, Jack, and Caleb. The same Caleb, who now runs Taurus Marketing, has been with the podcast since the very beginning. 

Every Sunday, Gunday Brunch releases an episode that lasts twenty minutes to an hour or so. The short length makes the episodes easily digestible and quick to listen to. The podcast topics vary wildly, and the Gunday Brunch crew tackles a good mix of serious and fun topics. The episode might focus on gun laws and politics, specific firearms, tradeshows, or just fun topics like what your loadout would look like for XYZ time period. 

Gunday Brunch also gives you some inside baseball on the gun industry. For someone outside of the industry, you might be surprised to learn how a variety of factors contribute to firearm releases and timing and why certain fads come and go within the gun industry. The hosts are all deeply involved in the gun industry and are all very competent shooters. They bring with them a variety of experiences and have great chemistry. 

Gunday Brunch is hosted on YouTube with a video component and also on most other big podcast-hosting platforms. 

Depending on what episode you tune in for, you might be confused as to why Art and War is on the list. While the crew at Art and War and the CBRN Art page are gun enthusiasts and shooters, their podcast episodes vary wildly. They do have firearm-oriented episodes where they interview USPSA Grandmasters, noted firearm instructors, talk gun rights, and SHOT Show. They also have episodes where they might just talk about scary movies. 

The Art and War podcast isn’t really tied to the firearms industry and isn’t hosted by a major firearms company. This allows them to be a bit spicer and to make their episodes incredibly interesting. They are buttoned-up company men, so you get to hear NSFW jokes, views, and more. Still, even with that attitude, they get the guys from SOLGW, Agency Arms, and more. 

The Art and War podcast tends to be more comedic, but you can still catch a half-decent education from their podcasts. Some of the best episodes bring some of our favorite firearms personalities into the fold. Guys like Admin Results, Print, Shoot, Repeat, and Blue Jean Operator are a ton of fun to listen to in a long-form interview-like podcast. The episodes vary wildly in length but expect to listen for 90 to 120 minutes on average. 

Big Tex Ordnance might be one of the biggest sponsors of firearms podcasts, so it’s not a big surprise they would just launch their own. The BTO crew, as they call themselves, is an industry-centric podcast. The BTO crew sits down with people from just about every part of the firearms industry. 

This includes AR manufacturers, handgun holster manufacturers, optics companies, competitors, and so many more. If you are interested in how things in the gun world are made, why they are made, how they are imported, and more, then the BTO podcast is for you. It’s fascinating to get that information and to see why and how certain decisions are made. 

The Big Tex Ordnance Podcast episodes are about an hour long, and they don’t waste time jumping in with their guests. The chemistry is clear, and the BTO crew does a great job interviewing their guests and keeping the conversation flowing. Some subjects can be a bit boring in the gun industry, but they flow right through it without getting stuck in the mechanical differences between this aluminum and that aluminum. 

My biggest annoyance is how the conversation can sometimes get going and be interrupted by a BTO ad. I get that it’s a free product and free entertainment, but man, sometimes I wish the ads were just front-loaded, and the conversation could keep flowing. The hosts do a great job with the guests, knowing when to press and when to listen. 

Classic Firearms used to be sweaty. Ben showed us some new crates of Mosins they got, but somehow, they evolved into a fantastic YouTube channel with lots of great videos, interesting hosts, and now a pretty good podcast. Admittedly, it is a bit of a newer podcast, but they’ve managed to grab some of the big names in the world of firearms pop culture. 

The Classic Firearms podcast has nabbed Ian from Forgotten Weapons, The AK Guy himself, Brandon Herrera, Mr. Guns and Gear, and many more. In fact, they even reach outside of the gun industry and bring in gun enthusiasts who might also be musicians, professional hunters, and firearms rights advocates. 

One of my favorite episodes features Vince Ricci, an average guy who defended his family and faced persecution from California. Most episodes are about an hour long, but some go up to two hours. The production is great, and it seems like the hosts have become better and better at interviews with each episode. They were never bad, but interviewing is a skill, and they are clearly building at it and becoming better. 

The Admin Results channel exploded. Our talking balaclava turned into Aaron, the unmasked guntuber with an unbeatable charm and seemingly limitless source of energy. Admin Results walked the typical Youtuber pipeline to podcaster and launched the ARMO Podcast. The ARMO podcast is hosted on Aaron’s second channel, Managerial Outcomes.  

The ARMO Podcast is a new podcast with six episodes and a seemingly random upload schedule. The ARMO podcast comes off as a side project for Admin Results, but it is a really good side project. The ARMO podcast is all over the palace. Technically, the first episode featured GarandThumb, but theofficial first episode brought in Kyle Rittenhouse for an interview. 

The guest ranges wildly from other YouTubers to industry folks. With only six episodes in production, there doesn’t seem to be a notable theme to follow. Impressively, in only six episodes, the former talking balaclava has proven to be an entertaining interviewer. He brings the same energy he uses for his YouTube channel to the podcast. 

I really look forward to the ARMO podcast, and in the few episodes I’ve watched, I’ve discovered channels and personalities I had never heard of but really enjoyed, like Vintage Warfare. I hope Admin keeps the ARMO Podcast going and growing because its becoming a favorite. 

Primary and Secondary is the grand old man of gun podcasts. I don’t mean that as an insult; they’ve just been doing it for the longest time. Primary and Secondary might be old for a podcast, but they stay current and ahead of the game. Primary and Secondary is my personal favorite podcast due to its focus on the educational aspect of firearms. 

I swear I learn a ton in every episode. It might be a historical analysis, a weird fact about buckshot, or why my red dot flickers so much. Primary and Secondary is run by Matt Landfair, and in every episode, he brings on a group of expert guests to discuss a particular subject. It could be hardware like shotguns, handguns, and optics. Maybe it’s software-based and covers training, mindset, and more.

Either way, group discussions are always educational and interesting. The experts have different experiences and opinions, making them quite interesting. Some episodes are more oriented toward having fun, like the Festivus style Airing of Grievances, but most are purely educational and expert discussions. It is like being a student in a university lecture. My only complaint is that sometimes the audio can be rough. It turns out that most gun guys aren’t tech-savvy folks, and their audio quality can vary wildly. 

The content is so good I can move past the occasional audio issue. If you want ane educational podcast then P&S is the way to go. If you have a niche firearms topic you’re interested in then they probably have you covered. 

Vortex Nation is a podcast by the famed optics company Vortex. Most of the podcasts we’ve talked about so far are more or less based on the tactical world of firearms. A lot of focus is on self-defense, concealed carry, and more. The Vortex Nation Podcast covers everything else. 

The Vortex Nation Podcast covers a ton of subjects in the gun world. There is a big focus on optics, obviously, but also on hunting, ammo selection, and topics like reloading. This is one of the few podcasts to focus on guns while breaking out of the self-defense topic set. Vortex Nation brings on renowned hunters, experts in ballistics, and industry experts as a whole. 

While self-defense isn’t a central theme, it does come up. We get coverage of Second Amendment Issues and some competition coverage here and there. Heck, they even have an interview with Garandthumb and his cameraman, Micah Mayfield. The production is top-notch, with solid and easy-to-hear audio. The interviews are done in person, which helps them feel more conversational than just an industry interview.

I want to propose my own podcast. Have you ever listened to Car Talk on NPR? Let’s take that and turn it into a gun-themed show. Boom, make sure you get a few knowledgeable hosts with good chemistry, good banter, and a ton of knowledge on firearms. All I need is an executive producer credit. 

That’s my elevator pitch. What would you like to see covered in a firearms podcast? Do you have a favorite? Or maybe a favorite format you prefer? Share what you’d like to see in the next best firearm podcast.