Homeowner Shoots, Protects Child From Alleged Murder Suspect By:

KTLA video shows footage of a home break-in in Granada Hills last December

A homeowner in Granada Hills, California shot at several home intruders last December, fatally hitting a man who had previously gone to trial for murder.

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The homeowner called the police early that morning, reporting what CBS called a “hot prowler” call. Police arrived at the home around 5 a.m. to find one suspect shot. He was declared dead.

The suspects originally drove to the Granada Hills home in a black car. The homeowner said he was home when they broke in. He described the intruders as wearing dark clothes, hoodies, and masks.

Aside from the homeowner, a grandmother and a young child were there. According to MSN, the homeowner feared for his life and retrieved a gun.

This is when the shooting started. One suspect died from two gunshot wounds. The alleged burglar was later identified as 20-year-old Abednego Adre. The homeowner chased the rest out. 

Police think the gunshots hit at least one other suspect, due to blood trails on the ground. They followed the blood trails during the investigation. A video from KTLA 5 shows at least two suspects handcuffed by police. 

The suspects left the black car they arrived in on the property. 

Some reports claim there were four suspects, others three. Either way, that is more than one man can hold off on his own. 

The police chief, Alan Hamilton, expanded on the case in a news conference later that day. It appeared that one of the burglars was armed. According to Fox News, the suspect pointed the gun at the homeowner.

The police also reported that the dead suspect was found with stolen property.

Neighbors commented on the burglary. This was not the only home break-in during that season. Chief Hamilton confirmed it. 

According to ABC7, “five home burglaries in the vicinity of the home in the past month, as well as 10 cars broken into, five stolen cars and one assault with a deadly weapon.” 

“Our Devonshire detectives have been investigating a number of burglaries in this area that have been centered north and south of Rinaldi and we believe this incident is related to that series of crimes,” Hamilton said. 

He added that the suspects from this break-in could have done some of the others. Which made things more concerning when more information came out about Adre. 

Police announced that Adre, who the homeowner shot, had been on trial shortly before for murder. He had allegedly been involved in a drive-by shooting. 

Now, California has sticky rules with guns. But Chief Hamilton made it clear this was a self-defense case. 

“Anyone inside their residence that is faced with a deadly threat and is perceived as a deadly threat has the right to protect themselves,” Hamilton said. 

The homeowner was on his property, minding his own business. Armed burglars, who potentially outnumber you 3-1, are a deadly threat.

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The homeowner had to protect his family, not just himself. It appears he and his family were not harmed. 

The suspects had guns. Who knows what could have happened if the homeowner didn’t have a gun too?

Would you do the same to protect your family?

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