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For this installment of Veteran Vices, we found a product that may actually be the opposite of a vice, but it was so unique that we felt it deserved coverage. Aimcise is a company dedicated to producing nutritional supplements specifically for the shooting community. Cofounder Greg Potapenko spent 22 years in the Canadian Army, retiring as a warrant officer. 

About his military service, he says: “This period of my life was not just about serving my country but also about nurturing a profound passion for shooting. I had the privilege of competing in several provincial, national, and international marksmanship competitions in service rifle and pistol. These experiences laid a solid foundation for my entrepreneurial journey, especially in creating Aimcise.”

It’s no secret that, even at its highest levels, the amount of performance science invested into ballistic sports (shooting and archery) is decades behind conventional athletics. Potapenko’s partners, Paul Tedford and Marty Judnich, are both professional archers and bowhunters. Together, they set out to introduce a line of supplements catered to those who rely on their aim, vision, and focus. Their lineup consists of three supplement offerings:

  • Aimcise Ready, which promotes focus without crashing or jitters
  • Aimcise Pro Joint for overall joint health
  • Aimcise RokSolid “Buck Fever Formula” for stress management

Their overall performance management system also includes a Performance Shooting Planner to track daily, quarterly, and long-term performance goals as part of a regular training program. We asked Potapenko what kind of results shooters should expect to see when training and competing with the help of Aimcise supplements. 

“Shooters who incorporate Aimcise supplements into their regimen can expect significant improvements in focus, energy, alertness, and overall wellness. These enhancements are crucial for shooters aiming to maintain steadiness, accuracy, and mental clarity during competitions or demanding situations.” 

Their veteran philanthropy efforts include donations to True Patriot Love, O.U.R., and Wounded Warrior Canada. If you’re looking for a leg up on your performance shooting goals, check out Aimcise and support our veteran neighbors to the north. 

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