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Being in the wrong place at the wrong time is never worse than being on an active shooter’s warpath. Whether you’re at work, school, the local mall, or walking down the street, bullets can start flying unexpectedly. You could hope luck is on your side. Or you could carry the Switchblade Bulletproof Backpack and turn the odds of survival in your favor.

The Switchblade Level 3A Bulletproof Backpack

This incredible backpack offers protection for the rear torso from gunfire (see specifics below). Likewise, with its ingenious design, it can also transform to protect the chest area!

Recently, the great people at Bodyguard Armored Backpacks sent me a sample of this amazing personal protection item for review. Let me tell you, it takes bullet protection through the roof and well beyond.

Out of the Box

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box and removed the pack from its plastic covering was that it looked just like a backpack. Yes, I know that’s what it is. But there was no indication of its bulletproof properties, which is what I and most other people would want in a personal protection item.

The switchblade bulletproof backpack is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

You don’t need others to know about your “secret,” and the pack’s producers did a great job accomplishing this. I was sent the soft armor version (you can buy the backpack alone or with soft or plate armor). In addition, the two armor pieces were packed separately in the box for me to add when ready.

Visually, the pack was very nice. It sported a solid black color with red accents throughout. Multiple pockets adorned the back and sides of the pack, along with a voluminous interior large compartment. The large interior compartment has ample storage space for multiple books, notebooks, a laptop, or a tablet. A convenient carry handle is sewn durably onto the backpack’s top surface for easy toting with one hand.

Overall, it’s a great look. One that could easily pass for a college student or professional’s choice of carry throughout their day.

Two panels of soft level 3A armor were included with my sample of the switchblade bulletproof backpack.

Construction and Materials

Though it offered the appearance of a “common” backpack, at first glance and touch, it was soon clear it wasn’t an off-the-rack traditional pack. That’s a good thing.

This backpack exuded toughness, durability, and quality of material. It is constructed of 1000-Denier nylon and boasts both a slash-proof and water-resistant outer shell. After a quick examination of the material, I don’t doubt those claims at all.

Aside from protecting from bullets, this pack offers lots of interior room and exterior pockets. The cushioned panels provide all-day comfort.

It features a MOLLE carrier system for attaching additional gear if desired. The seams were triple stitched, and after a few tugs on the handle and straps, I was convinced that they were not coming undone.

Overall, this backpack was obviously made to last for a long time. No shoddy construction, shortcuts, or inferior materials were observed or felt throughout the bag.

The Switchblade Function

Now, we’re getting to the exciting stuff about this bulletproof backpack, and that is its “switchblade” feature.

This feature allows its wearer to instantly secure an additional bulletproof panel—on the run. Simply lift the panel up and over the head and secure it to protect the front torso. Once in place, it works with the rear protection—which is always in place—for a full front/back solution.

To protect the front, pull the panel of the Switchblade bulletproof backpack over the head.

I watched videos on the company’s website of this nearly instantaneous transformation. But I had to experience it for myself, and let me tell you, it was utterly amazing.

I read the instructions for properly deploying the front protection panel, put the pack on, and was ready for action. Then, I simulated running from an active shooter situation. Without having to look back, I secured the handles and, in a split second, had the bulletproof front protection in place.

It was flawless and smoother than you could imagine. There were no complicated processes, latches, buckles, or snaps to fiddle with. Just one concise motion. I repeated this a few times. Within about ten minutes, my hands instinctively found the handles, and my transformation times only improved.

This feature was, and is, the standout of this backpack, and executing it was both easy and satisfying.

Once in place, secure the front panel for full front and rear protection.

My New All-Around Bag

Who wouldn’t want a highly durable and sporty backpack for everyday use? Now, add to that the ability of this item to protect against many forms of firearms, and it should be a no-brainer for just about anyone.

With its ingenious and innovative “switchblade” design, this bulletproof backpack checks off all the boxes. It offers durability, style, daily usefulness, and, most importantly, personal protection.

So much so that I am discarding my current laptop bag and carrying this lifesaver throughout my day’s travels. And you should, too!

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  • Level 3A protection with certificate
  • 100% TRUE concealment chamber
  • Slash-proof and water resistant
  • M.O.L.L.E. Carrier system
  • 40 Liter capacity
  • 1000 Denier nylon material
  • TSA Compliant
  • MSRP: $469.00
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