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It would be nice to live in a perfect world where you can go about your daily life carefree and without conflict. However, we all know this isn’t the case. For this reason, taking precautions to bulletproof yourself and your family has become an unfortunate necessity in some areas. So, we rounded up 12 modified products to create a barrier between you and an oncoming bullet.

12 Everyday Bulletproof Products to Stop an Oncoming Bullet

You or a family member may take every precaution, avoid verbal and physical arguments, and follow common sense when it comes to personal safety. However, being in the wrong place at the wrong time is still a possibility.

The bottom line is that anyone could use an extra layer of protection. In this case, it’s literally layers of bulletproof protection in your clothing, backpack, or many other everyday items. As a result, this can truly put the odds in your favor if faced with an active shooter situation.

Below is a cross-section of products that prioritize safety. From hoodies to jackets, shields, inserts, and vests, don’t leave your life to chance when bullets fly. Be proactive and carry a bullet’s bane!

01. Leatherback Gear Civilian One Level IIIA Bulletproof Backpack

Leatherback Gear Civilian One Level IIIA Bulletproof Backpack.

This bullet-blocking device offers a unique take on a traditional bulletproof backpack. At the first sign of trouble or the sound of bullets being fired, the backpack splits into two parts. These two parts cover both the wearer’s front and back torso region.

The pack itself is super tough and offers water resistance, a reinforced durable handle, an anti-theft RFID pocket, multiple storage pockets, and full back cushions for ultimate comfort. It is also TSA-approved, so pack it full and travel by plane without issues. Available in multiple colors, armor type, and armor quantity.


  • Includes two Level IIIA soft body armor panels
  • Detachable straps for multiple uses
  • Anti-identity theft RFID lined pocket
  • Reinforced handle holds up to 300 pounds
  • Water-resistant fabric

MSRP: $384.99

For more information, please visit LeatherbackGear.com.

02. BulletSafe Backpack Insert Level IIIA

BulletSafe Backpack Insert Level IIIA.

For people who have numerous bags, packs, and laptop cases, this bulletproof insert is for you. It provides NIJ level IIIA protection, which can withstand small caliber handgun rounds up to a .44 Magnum. The panel can be easily moved between whatever pack you choose for your day’s activities.

Its lightweight design won’t bog down the wearer, so all-day carry won’t be a problem. Don’t be caught on the streets without protection, and this insert can be a true lifesaver!


  • Lightweight, only weighs 17.00 ounces
  • Provides NIJ level IIIA protection
  • Fits in a backpack, laptop bag, or shooter’s bag
  • Easy installation and removal from the pack
  • Made in the USA

MSRP: $99.97

For more information, please visit BulletSafe.com.

03. MTS Multi-Threat Shield

Bulletproof: MTS Multi-Threat Shield.

Enjoy full-body ballistic protection from a bulletproof protector that transforms from a briefcase-like decoy to a full-body shield. You never know when trouble may come your way, or you’ll be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Either way, the MTS will be your barrier from bullets.

The shield is constructed of Multi-layer laminated Kevlar with blunt force inserts. It is also water resistant, protects level IIIA (Level III with optional rifle plate), and is highly resistant to penetration from edged weapons. Best of all, a padded bungee sling allows for hands-free operation.

With the MTS firmly in your hands, you will be protected from head to toe.


  • Unfolds to 3-feet in seconds
  • Ambidextrous, single-handed carry
  • NIJ Level IIIA protection
  • 1680 Denier ballistic nylon outer material
  • Hands-free capabilities while controlling the shield

MSRP: $1,250.00

For more information, please visit MultiThreatShield.com.

04. Wonder Hoodie Denim Jacket

Wonder Hoodie Denim Jacket.

Now, this product is just plain cool! It’s a denim jacket that also resists small handgun rounds. It offers NIJ level IIIA protection with a trauma pad added to every bulletproof panel.

It features full, military-style torso protection, adjustable Velcro straps for a no-bulk fit, three inches of bulletproof overlap for zipped or unzipped protection, and unisex sizing. All materials are 100% USA-made and sourced and it is available in classic or black colors.


  • NIJ Level IIIA protection
  • Easy machine wash with removable casing
  • 100% USA-made and sourced materials
  • Adjustable Velcro straps for no-bulk fit
  • Full military-style torso protection

MSRP: $545.00

For more information, please visit WonderHoodie.com.

05. Hardwire Tactical Clipboard Level IIIA

Bulletproof: Hardwire Tactical Clipboard Level IIIA.

Regular everyday objects can’t protect you from bullets unless they’re this ingenious tactical clipboard. With two handles for hands-free control, it’ll be a shield between you and handgun or shotgun fire. It weighs no more than an average tablet yet protects up to level IIIA.

This compact shield was designed using technology developed by the U.S. military. So, you can rest assured of its reliability and performance. The tactical clipboard offers discreet ballistic protection no matter where you go.


  • Protects the vital torso area
  • Sturdy strap and handle
  • Converts from clipboard to shield in seconds
  • Military-grade materials
  • Ergonomic handle and Velcro elastic strap.

MSRP: $150.00

For more information, please visit HardWireLLC.com.

06.  Wonder Hoodie Bulletproof Fleece Vest

Wonder Hoodie Bulletproof Fleece Vest.

With a design and style that blend into any outdoor activity, you can enjoy warmth and comfort while protecting your vital torso region from small handgun fire. Walk with confidence on your way home, in the city, or in a crowded event with NIJ-level IIIA protection.

This vest offers trauma pads in every bulletproof panel and Velcro straps for a sleek fit. It uses US-sourced materials, and an overlapping middle panel, allowing zipped or unzipped wear without sacrificing safety or protection.


  • NIJ level IIIA protection
  • Velcro torso straps for easy fit
  • 100% USA-made and sourced materials
  • Machine washable
  • Available in seven sizes

MSRP: $495.00

For more information, please visit WonderHoodie.com.

07. Wonder Hoodie WHX Adult Bulletproof Hoodie

Wonder Hoodie WHX Adult Bulletproof Hoodie.

With torso protection, head protection, and a design that blends into nearly any attire, this Hoodie is for you. Featuring a newly updated design, the WHX incorporates Ultra-High Molecular Weight, High-Performance Polyethylene (or UHMWPE, for short) instead of Kevlar. This allows for equal protection while remaining lighter weight and easier to maintain.

The hoodie is 100 percent US-made and features an 85% polyester and 15% cotton mix. It is machine washable with the body armor removed.


  • Seamlessly and discreetly protects the wearer
  • NIJ Level IIIA protection
  • Full military torso protection
  • Adjustable Velcro straps for no-bulk fit
  • Machine washable with body armor unzipped 

MSRP: $425.00

For more information, please visit WonderHoodie.com.

08. Hardwire Emergency Response Shield (Level IIIA)

Hardwire Emergency Response Shield (Level IIIA).

No matter if you own a store, teach a class, or manage an office, this item is for you. The Emergency Response Shield allows anyone nearby it to protect themselves from flying bullets during a shooting.

This shield can be mounted on the wall for easy access. Likewise, its bright red exterior makes it easy to locate, and its use is clearly printed in bold white lettering. It protects against shotguns and handguns, including a .44 magnum slug, and covers the person’s head and torso area.


  • Easily hangs anywhere
  • Bright red sign is easily noticeable
  • Offers NIJ level 3A protection
  • Two easy-grip handles
  • Integrates with active shooter plan

MSRP: $299.00

For more information, please visit HardWireLLC.com.

09. BodyGuard Switchblade Backpack

BodyGuard Switchblade Backpack.

This bulletproof backpack is a great asset and is just plain cool! Equipped to protect you from an active shooter situation, the backpack protects your rear torso area. And with a quick transformation, a panel can be lifted over your head to cover your chest area as well.

During peaceful times, the pack is stylish and blends into any academic or social setting. Three versions are available—no plates, plates to protect against handguns, and the top tier, plates that resist rifle fire, including AK47s and AR15s.


  • Stylish day pack
  • Front and back protection
  • Patented Ballistic Deployment System

MSRP: From $369.00

For more information, please visit BulletproofBodyguard.com.

10.  Bulletproof Bodyguard Peacemaker Jacket

Bulletproof Bodyguard Peacemaker Jacket.

First things first. The Peacemaker is an awesome jacket, without even touching on its bulletproof protection. It features a stylish triple-layer design for three seasons. Likewise, it’s lightweight and breathable and offers excellent wind resistance.

Regarding its bulletproof properties, the Peacemaker offers front and back body armor, exceeding NIJ standard 0101.06 for ballistic protection. Additionally, a concealed armor system and a hidden draw feature provide fast, discreet access to your firearm. It is available with and without soft armor plates, which protect against shotguns and handguns.


  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • Hidden draw system
  • Concealed armor system
  • Centerline front and back protection – NIJ Level IIIA
  • Made in the USA

MSRP: From $225.00

For more information, please visit BulletproofBodyguard.com.

11. Covered Six Savior Multi-Threat Shield

Covered Six Savior Multi-Threat Shield.

This bulletproof protector allows you to carry it like a discreet laptop or shoulder bag. However, at the first sign of a shooting, it transforms into a nearly full-body defensive shield.

This bullet blocker features fast deployment, a lightweight body, and hands-free operation. Its ballistic nylon body is fully waterproof and offers a no-crease design for reliable and trusty use no matter where you travel.


  • Waterproof 1680 ballistic nylon
  • Adjustable straps for “hands-free” operation
  • One piece, no crease design
  • Ultra discreet, low-profile laptop case appearance
  • Lightweight, only 6.50 pounds

MSRP: $1,995.00

For more information, please visit C6Gear.com.

12. Guard Dog Proshield Smart Level IIIA Bulletproof Backpack

Guard Dog Proshield Smart Level IIIA Bulletproof Backpack.

Unfortunately, schools and campuses have become targets for shooters. Protect yourself with this backpack that offers both exceptional ballistic protection and practical use for hauling all your “stuff.”

The Level IIIA rating protects against 9mm and .44 magnum rounds while remaining discreet and functional as a book-toting backpack. It is lightweight, packed with pockets, and bulletproof—the best combination you could ask for!


  • Level IIIA protection
  • Built-in charging bank with external port
  • Hands-free phone suction
  • Card-sized, RFID pocket
  • Over 20 pockets and sleeves for optimal organization

MSRP: $189.99

For more information, please visit GuardDog-Security.com.

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