Žiga from Polenar Tactical Reviews my Lynx Brutality AK By:


I decided to use a home-built Romanian AK for Lynx Brutality 2024. It began as a Romanian PM-63 AKM made at the Cugir factory complex in 1976, which was sold to the US about 20 years ago as a parts kit (with its original barrel at that time). I used a Nodak Spud receiver and reassembled it. For an optic, I used an AK Master Mount to get a side rail, and they used a Belorussian PK-A red dot for the match. I ended up doing remarkably well with it, taking 12th place overall at Lynx Brutality! So I figured I’d get Źiga’s take on it…

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My stage videos for Lynx Brutality 2024:Day 1 – https://youtu.be/yBWg734vrWsDay 2 – https://youtu.be/A-hby8WbPEk