Sub $1,000 Taran Tactical Pistol?! Meet the CANiK TTI Combat! By:

The CANIK TTI Combat tactical pistol outside getting ready to shoot

Coming into 2024, I was not expecting a Taran Tactical Innovations and CANiK collaboration. However, I fully welcome their partnership after seeing all the premium features included at an affordable rate. The CANiK TTI Combat arrives from the factory equipped with a compensator, an optic-ready slide, an aggressive grip texture, a diamond trigger, and more. This pistol proved to be a compelling option in a crowded market, offering a balance of performance and affordability worth considering.

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Table of contents

  • CANiK TTI Combat Specifications: 
  • Out of the Box
  • Barrel and Compensator
  • Slide On The TTI Combat
  • Sights
  • Frame
  • TTI Combat Controls
  • Trigger
  • TTI Combat Precision
  • CANiK TTI Combat Performance
  • Summary
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Capacity: 18+1 rounds
  • Frame Size: Full
  • Frame Material: Synthetic
  • Barrel Length: 4.6″
  • Sights: Fiber Optic Front
  • Weight: 29.5 oz
  • Color/Finish: TTI Bronze
  • Width: 1.41 in
  • Length: 7.85 in
  • Height: 5.87 in

CANiK has a strong track record of delivering exceptional value in terms of performance and accessories, and the TTI Combat exemplifies this reputation. Included with the pistol are a single TTI +3 magazine base pad, a redesigned slide release, and an optics cut compatible with various optics. Including the MECANIK line and the Trijicon SRO, among others.

Additionally, the package features a custom holster and a durable hard travel case, along with two 18-round magazines, multiple optic plates, an extra low recoil spring kit, specialty tools, a cleaning brush, and an owner’s manual. As a final touch, a collaboration coin commemorating the partnership with Taran Tactical Innovations adds to the collector’s appeal of this package.

Unboxing the CANik TTI Combat pistol
CANiK TTI Combat with all included contents

For the duration of this review, I relied on CANiK’s MECANIK MO3 red dot and the Streamlight TLR-7X. To me, a pistol falls short of its potential without a red dot sight. Furthermore, I typically advocate for the inclusion of a reliable weapon light on any platform, particularly if it’s intended for anything beyond competition use.

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    Wilson Combat Safety 192B


Featuring CANiK’s first-ever compensator, the TTI Combat shoots flat. This quick attach compensator reduces recoil by a noticeable margin and makes quick follow-up shots a breeze. 

A look at the barrel of the CANiK TTI Combat pistol with a Streamlight TLR-7X light installed
Single port compensator

Secured by a spring-loaded tab, the compensator remains firmly in place during operation, with the guide rod and slide preventing any accidental dislodging. Removal is straightforward; simply press the tab, give a quarter turn, and detach the compensator. With its sleek design, the compensator seamlessly integrates with the slide, boasting a low profile that complements the firearm’s aesthetics. Featuring a single-slotted port, it efficiently redirects gases upward, effectively stabilizing the muzzle.

Spring-loaded tab on the compensator of a CANiK handgun
Spring-loaded tab sits front and center on the compensator and takes seconds to remove

Boasting a sleek TTI Bronze finish, the TTI Combat pistol is as visually striking as it is functional, offering corrosion resistance for added durability. The slide’s design includes subtly aggressive front and rear serrations, ensuring a reliable grip even in challenging conditions. Additionally, the front lightening cuts not only enhance aesthetics but also contribute to smoother cycling and reduced felt recoil.

Lastly, the slide utilizes CANiK’s Optic Sight Interface for mounting red dots. The TTI Combat comes with 3 different optic plates for mounting most red dots on the market including the Trijicon RMR, Shield RMSc, and Shield RMS footprints. 

Serrated slide on the CANiK TTI Combat pistol sitting on a wood stump
Front and rear slide serrations and lightening cuts

CANiK utilizes my favorite style of iron sights with the TTI Combat; a Hiviz fiber optic front, and an anti-glare blacked-out rear. These provide great contrast. I find these types of sights to be very quick and accurate.

A handgun from the top angle in the kitchen
Green Hiviz front, and blacked-out rear sights

One downside is that they are not suppressor height, or tall enough to be used in conjunction with most red dots. For the duration of this review, I used the CANiK MECANIK MO3 red dot, and the iron sights were completely blocked out by the base of the optic. 

Red dot installed on a CANiK handgun

Though the TTI Combat offers interchangeable backstraps, the factory-installed one suits my hand perfectly. The entire grip boasts an aggressive texture, ensuring a firm hold, especially in the heat and humidity. This is great for everyday use but especially so for competitive shooting environments.

Aggressive grip texture on the CANiK TTI Combat handgun
Aggressive grip texture

Another solid upgrade over standard pistols is the inclusion of a medium-sized aluminum magwell. It is not so large as to get burdensome, yet it is plenty large to help keep those reloads quick and smooth. This also works great as a sort of pommel or hand stop that keeps my hands locked in place for improved control.

A loaded magazine ready to go in the handgun
Flared aluminum magwell

The controls for this pistol follow the standard of pretty much all handguns. The ambidextrous serrated slide lock is easily manipulated with just one hand, the takedown lever operates smoothly, and the enlarged and textured mag release is easily activated. 

Closeup on the engraving of a CANiK TTI Combat pistol
Serrated slide lock, and textured magazine release

One interesting thing is that to remove the slide, it only moves forward about an inch before lifting up and off. This is unlike many handguns on the market but is just something unique that I found interesting.

A CANiK handgun in a person's hand
To remove the slide, use the takedown tabs, pull forward like an inch, then pull the slide straight up and off

The trigger serves as a pivotal interface on any firearm. CANiK’s flat-faced, diamond-cut trigger sets the bar high, surpassing many counterparts in the polymer handgun market. Its smooth take-up and well-defined wall provide an exceptional shooting experience. With virtually no creep before the crisp break, firing a shot is no a surprise.

Notably, the short trigger reset swiftly positions your finger back on the wall for rapid follow-up shots. Consistently measuring at around 3.0 lbs, the pull weight aligns well with competition standards. Despite being slightly wider than many other triggers, the diamond-cut texturing offers a perfect tactile sensation on the tip of my finger.

A closeup on the trigger of a CANiK handgun
Diamond-cut flat-faced trigger

Aiming to find out how precise this pistol is, I tested 4 different types of common Hornady carry ammunition, and 124gr Blazer FMJ. For the Hornady, I tried 115gr XTP, 124gr XTP, 135gr FlexLock, and 147gr XTP. Each type of ammunition ran without issue. I ended up getting 5-round groups anywhere between 0.25″ and slightly over 1″ when shooting from 10 yards.

To be honest I still think I was the limiting factor with the larger groups and not the ammunition or the pistol. Either way, these are great groups and the TTI Combat does what it was designed to do. The awesome trigger helped me achieve these tight groups by providing a clean and anticipated break. 

The CANiK TTI Combat pistol with a red dot and a weapon-mounted light installed laying on a target surrounded by ammo boxes
Each group of ammo placed next to its respective group shot from 10 yards

Throughout this review, I was able to put a couple hundred rounds through the CANiK TTI Combat. Most of the ammunition used was 124gr 9mm FMJ which was provided by They are the official ammo sponsor for this pistol review and offer a wide selection of competitively priced ammunition. They have quick shipping, an easy-to-use online website, and competitive prices. Go check them out! 

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During my testing, I kept thinking that people continually underestimate CANiK pistols. The TTI Combat ran without a single issue and was a ton of fun to shoot. It has all the features I could ask for, and it is evident it was designed by a competition shooter. The compensator and aggressive grip texture helped tame 9mm even more than it already is.

The optic cut allowed for mounting most red dots on the market to include the MECANIK MO3 which I ran for the entirety of this review. The trigger is fantastic when compared to all firearms, let alone polymer handguns. The flared magwell helps with quick reloads, and I had no trouble burning down silhouettes up close or taking my time and shooting steel at 100 yards. 

Shooting the CANiK TTI Combat pistol outside
Screenshot taken from my phone trying to show this compensator in action

During my time with this pistol, one thing that stood out was the bang for your buck. CANiK teamed up with Taran Tactical Innovations for the TTI Combat, and you can tell it’s made by folks who know their way around guns. The sleek compensator and aggressive grip keep it steady. The lightening cuts not only lighten the load but also help with recoil.

Plus, it’s set up for most red dot sights with an optic cut and three optic plates included. And with an MSRP of $949, you get a whole TTI package: holster, recoil spring kit, sturdy travel case, collaboration coin, and two 18-round magazines with a single +3 mag extension.

I would say the TTI Combat is very comparable to the CANiK SFx RIVAL, but for $270 more you get the TTI endorsement, a compensator, a mag extension, and a Pelican-level travel case. Also, for an MSRP of $1099, you get the same package with the MECANIK MO3 red dot, and for $150 more I would recommend going that route. I also did a full review of the MO3 and at that price, I have no hesitation to recommend it.

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