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    June 16th, 2024

    For Dad on Father’s Day — Eight Great Gifts under $100

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    Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16, 2024, so now’s the time get a great gift for the “Old Man”. If your father enjoys the shooting sports and hunting, here are some recommended items. These will all benefit “Pops” when he goes to the range. All selections cost less than $100.00. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can get FREE shipping in most areas of the country.

    Eight Great Father’s Day Gifts for Dad Under $100.00

    Howard Leight Electronic Muffs

    Protect Dad’s hearing — Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Muffs provide NRR 22 dB sound protection with the ability to still hear conversations and range commands. These muffs offer Headphone Functionality via external audio jack, so Dad can listen to music. These Impact Sport Muffs are currently $59.99 on Amazon.

    We recommend using muffs over plugs for maximum hearing protection.

    Fospower USB waterproof charging battery Amazon

    Teslong Digital Borescopes are “game-changers”, hugely popular with our Forum members. These Teslong borescopes display clear, sharp digital images on your mobile device. Shown here is the latest rigid version.

    Get the Rigid Borescope for $99.99, or flexible cable model for $55.99.

    MTM shooting range box gear hauler

    The versatile MTM Ultimate Range Box includes cradles so you can do gun maintenance while at the range. A lift-out tray holds small items such as patches and jags. This is a durable product that can hold ammo and other gear. It is now on sale for $49.99 at Midsouth.

    Lee breech lock challenger press

    Are you looking for a secondary press to handle basic tasks such as decapping? We’ve used this inexpensive Lee Breech Lock Challenger press for many functions. It is sturdy and has a convenient primer ejection tube. This is a great value for $90.45 on Amazon, including one Breech Lock quick change bushing.

    guide shirt upf 30 father's day

    This Columbia Bahama II guide shirt is durable and comfortable. More importantly it provides UPF 30 protection from the sun’s damaging rays. The added cape over the shoulder area provides extra protection for shooters in the prone position. This is offered in 17 colors in breathable nylon. This is popular for fishing, sailing, hiking and other outdoors sports. It is currently on sale (in various sizes and colors) for $43.50 from

    moico vox 2-way 22 Channel Radios

    Walkie-Talkies are “must-have” items for long-range shooting. The MOICO 22-CH Long-Range Walkie-Talkie Set is an Amazon Favorite in FRS Handheld Radios. These MOICO units offer VOX hands-free functionality plus a handy built-in LED flashlight.

    This MOICO 2-Radio set is now just $23.85 on Amazon. Models with other color inserts (Day-glo Green, Silver, Black, Blue) are $24.95 on Amazon, just $1.10 more.

    The Wind book wind reading

    The latest 2020 Edition of The Wind Book, is the best wind resource in print for competitive shooters. The Wind Book analyzes key aspects of wind reading — vectors, cycles, vertical elements, and mirage. This excellent resource is now $20.86 at Amazon.

    Stansport Shotshell Bottle Thermos Hunting

    This cleverly-designed Shotshell thermos will make Dad smile. Styled just like a 12ga shotgun shell, the Stansport Thermo Bottle holds 25 oz. of hot or cold liquids. Current price is $34.99 for black, a few bucks more for green or red.

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