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This past weekend Pistol-Training.com held its first class since Todd Green passed in 2016. The course was held at the very accommodating Mead Hall, outside Oklahoma City. We had one student earn their FAST pin for expert performance and another for advanced performance (see the FAST wall for details). That was not surprising though, given the high caliber of students who attended.

Working with motivated people was wonderful and the students really made the class a pleasure to be at. Some were people I have seen in other classes or competitions in the past year or two. Other attendees were instructors or very experienced shooters, but all were able to put aside their impressive experience and just be students. I have found that to be a rare thing, and it is what I strive to do when taking a class from someone else.

One of the attendees was Justin from the blog Swift Silent Deadly. He was gracious enough to write up an after-action for his blog and you can read that here. Tom Givens was also present and it was a real honor to have him in class. Tom was also gracious enough to write about the class and you can look for that in an upcoming issue of his very popular Rangemaster newsletter. Two other instructors present were Justin Dyal and Rich Brown. Justin is an old friend so I’m biased, but you really do need to train with him. I have not trained with Rich, but I hope to in the future.

Because of my work schedule, there will not be many classes this year but hopefully next year I will be able to do a few more. If you are interested in hosting a class, get in touch.