NEW From B&T Comes The SPR86! Precision Urban Rifle In 8.6 Blackout By:



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Building off of the SPR300, the SPR86 is a small, compact, precision rifle with an integral suppressor chambered in 8.6 Blackout.

Designed for taking high-value shots at urban distances, the SPR86 combines the precision and portability of the SPR300 with the larger and harder-hitting bullets found in 8.6 Blackout. Able to launch sub-sonic 300gr rounds with sub-MOA accuracy out to 150 meters, the SPR86 is a nearly silent way of putting a lot of lead on target.

“The original purchasing element of the SPR300 platform required a compact, stowable, precision rifle that was discreet to transport and capable of sub-MOA accuracy out to 150 meters with subsonic ammunition” said Chris Mudgett, Vice President of Marketing for B&T USA. “8.6 Blackout is changing end user requirements thanks to a substantial increase in capability in the form of effective range, intermediate barrier penetration and terminal performance — when compared with 300BLK — without any sacrifice in platform weight or sound/flash performance. With a net increase of just 100 grams and an overall length increase of just over an inch, the SPR86 is the future.”

The SPR86 is a complete package from B&T in either a rifle or pistol format. 9.9” barrel, 1:3 twist, with an OAL of 40.7”. Weighing only 7.7 pounds, the SPR86 is surprisingly light.

A Titanium full-length integrated suppressor, scope rings, Timney trigger, and bipod round out the accessories. 

Magazines are SR25 compatible. 

We got to shoot the SPR300 at CANCON Arizona 2024 and were impressed with the silent precision. Boosting the caliber to the crushing 8.6 Blackout makes for an exciting package and one we’re looking forward to getting some trigger time with.

MSRP is listed at $5,525 and units will begin shipping 4th quarter 2024! 

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