Navy SEAL Reveals How To Escape A Front Vehicle Ambush By:


May 15, 2024 News Wire

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Watch and learn how to escape a vehicle ambush from the front!


Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Step 1: Assess the Situation
  • Step 2: Prepare to Fight Back
  • Step 3: Shooting Through the Windshield
  • Step 4: Exit the Vehicle
  • Step 5: Provide Cover Fire
  • Step 6: Family Considerations
  • Step 7: Keep Moving and Assessing
  • Conclusion

In the video above, Navy SEAL Mike O’Dowd and Army Ranger Angel Cortes from Defense Strategies Group will teach you how to escape a front vehicle ambush.

Learn to fight your way out safely and effectively!

First, determine if you can use your vehicle as a weapon or mode of escape. If possible, slam on the gas and drive away.

However, if you’re stuck in traffic or blocked at a light, you need to get out of the car.

When a threat appears, draw your gun quickly. As the driver, you need to put the car in park to prevent it from rolling. Do this while returning fire.

Front windshields are strong and designed to protect you from debris. When shooting out of the windshield, aim low.

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Bullets rise as they exit the glass, so aim for the waist or legs of the target if the threat is approx 10 yards away, adjust if farther. Alternatively, press your gun muzzle into the glass to create a hole, allowing subsequent shots to go through without deviation.

Decide who exits the vehicle first. In this demonstration, Mike exits first while Angel provides cover fire. Open the door, block it with your foot, and sweep left to check for additional threats.

Move to the back corner of the car for cover.

As you exit and move to cover, return fire. This suppressive fire allows your partner to exit the vehicle safely.

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Communicate and coordinate with your partner to ensure both of you can move and fire effectively.

If you have family members in the car, ensure their safety first. Get them out of the vehicle quickly, but don’t start firing until you know their locations to avoid accidental harm.

Don’t stay in one place. Keep looking for the next point of cover and monitor the threat’s movements. Stay alert to threats from all directions.

Training is crucial. Practice these techniques with vehicles as props to build muscle memory. It’s loud and chaotic, but essential for real-life scenarios.

For more training videos and tips, subscribe to the USCCA YouTube channel and leave your comments below.

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