BUY INTENTIONALLY: Buying Clothes To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck. By:


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Whether it’s Brioni, Boresight, Bentley, or Breitling, there’s always going to be a high-dollar option that begs the question, “Is it worth it?”

The answer, as with many things, is “it depends.” Entry-level buyers are less likely to appreciate the quality and performance offered by higher-dollar offerings right out of the gate, but they can still have decided benefits.

Unlike custom guns or luxury Swiss watches, clothing tends not to have the same resale value. This is something that a savvy consumer can leverage to their advantage.

If someone gave you the chance to buy a Knights SR15 or Chambers 1911 for 20 cents on the dollar, the only question you’d be asking is “Do you want that in hundreds or twenties?”

Even if dress clothes aren’t on your radar, stuff like Red Wings & Duluth can still be had at a pretty steep discount if you buy second-hand. This gives you the option of keeping the same budget for clothing but maintaining a better cost-per-wear ratio.

Most dudes hate shopping and doubly so hate shopping for clothing. So why not do it in a way that helps reduce the need to go more frequently?

There are a few articles of clothing that I view as disposable: Undershirts, white dress shirts, and t-shirts/henleys being at the top of that list. Mostly because they tend to show wear & discolor so rapidly that I can’t justify spending a bunch of money on them since I generally have to replace that stuff yearly, regardless of how high quality it may be, in part because my body chemistry is such that I just tarnish the hell out of white fabrics.

The point is that it helps to know what to look out for so that when those hidden gems cross your path, you know what to jump on.