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When it comes to securing your firearms, you want a solution that’s as reliable as it is versatile. Meet SecureIt’s Fast Box™ Model 47 Vertical Bundle and Model 20 Handgun Safe—trusted by everyone from Donald Trump’s security detail to the U.S. military, these safes are ready to revolutionize the way you store your guns.

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Both the Model 47 and Model 20 showcase SecureIt’s commitment to durability and security, built with military-grade craftsmanship that’s as tough as it gets. The Model 47 offers a generous 47 inches of length, perfect for long guns, while the compact Model 20 is ideal for stashing up to eight handguns.

SecureIt's Fast Box Model 47 shown horizontal
SecureIt’s Fast Box Model 47

These safes aren’t just for your home closet; they’re designed to go wherever you need them. Install them in truck beds, car trunks, RVs, in apartment closets, dorm rooms, cabins, or even on boats. Their flexibility is matched by their functionality, with various mounting options to secure them just about anywhere.

Both models feature a customizable 4-digit electronic lock (that can use up to 8 numbers) and a manual key override, ensuring that your firearms are secure yet accessible when needed. It’s the kind of peace of mind that doesn’t come standard with every gun safe.

Fast Box with red motion detector light activated.
A SIG MCX shown horizontal in the Fast Box with red motion detector light activated.

While the basic models are impressive on their own, you can enhance their functionality with optional accessories like motion-detection lights. The lights can be manually turned on or set to motion detect and you have the option of red for keeping night vision or white for maximum illumination. These handy add-ons illuminate the contents when you open the door, making it easy to grab what you need, even in low light.

The handgun holder for the Fast Box holds 4 handguns
This accessory connects to the back of either safe and holds four handguns.

The Model 47 in the horizontal position works best with one rifle or shotgun but can handle two easily if mounted vertically.

Two long guns shown in the model 47
In the vertical the model 47 can fit an 870 shotgun and an AR-15 style rifle with ease.

The Model 20 can also handle more handguns (easily 8) if mounted vertically.

Model 20 shown with 8 handguns and the red light on inside.
Rifle and shotgun shown with the model 47
The front of the model 47

Model 47 Vertical Bundle:

  • External Dimensions: H 47.25″ x W 6.75″ x D 13″
  • Internal Dimensions: H 47″ x W 6″ x D 11″
  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Capacity: Up to 2 long guns, plus room for handguns and accessories
The model 20 shown closed
The model 20

Model 20 Handgun Safe:

  • External Dimensions: H 20.25″ x W 6.75″ x D 13″
  • Internal Dimensions: H 20″ x W 6″ x D 12″
  • Weight: 21 lbs
  • Capacity: Up to 8 handguns

The Fast Boxes are strong but lightweight allowing them to be easily placed where you would have a hard time with a traditional heavy safe.

They’re extremely versatile in how and where they can be mounted, hidden, or carried.

You can access your firearm extremely fast with the 8-digit keycode or with the backup key.

Very versatile with the options inside for storage.

  • image

    1791 1791 KYDEX IWB SIG P365 BLK LH


  • image

    Sig Sauer P320 AXG 320AXGCA-9-RTXR3-R2-10


  • image

    Sig Sauer 365-380-BSS-MS


  • image

    Sig Sauer SIG 220R45BSE


  • image

    Sig Sauer SIG 320AXGF9LEGION10


  • image

    Sig Sauer SIG 320X510BXR3RX2


  • image

    Glock GLOCK 31C GEN4 357SIG 15RD 3 MAGS


  • image

    Sig Sauer SIG TREAD V2 5.56 16″ 30RD BLK


  • image

    Sig Sauer P365 X-MACRO COMP 365XCA-9-COMP


  • image

    Sig Sauer SIG P365X-MS 9MM 3.1″ 12RD RAINBOW


The only actual con that I can come up with is that there is very little fire protection. However, this isn’t where you store your gun collection. This is going to be mounted under the bed, in your closet, or in a vehicle for quick access in an emergency, and the advantages of being smaller, lighter, and more efficient far outweigh that one con.

SecureIt’s Fast Box™ Model 47 and Model 20 are not just safes; they’re one of the best options for keeping your firearms secured and accessible, whether you’re at home or on the move. Check them out on SecureIt’s official website:

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