COURSE REVIEW AAR: Green Ops Advanced Covert Carry Skills By:


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I give my review of the Green Ops Advanced Covert Carry Skills class.

Bottom Line Up Front: Take this class!!!

Mike Green has spent a bunch of time overseas, in plain clothes. He worked in environments where being armed was somewhere on the spectrum between unusual and unacceptable. Sounds a lot like the civilian context. And that’s the main reason I signed up for this class.

This isn’t SFAS. Nobody’s yelling at you or making you do push-ups, and it’s not designed to turn you into a steely-eyed gunfighter. The curriculum is based on the same material that Mike uses to get diplomatic staff and other OCONUS State Department-type folks to a capable level with a handgun, should the need arise.

Mike also draws from his overseas experience to discuss the mechanics of concealment. I liked that his block on gear selection focuses as much on clothing and how to wear it correctly as it does on gun and holster choice.

Day 1 aggressively focused on the gritty details of shooting mechanics and demonstrations of what matters when and why. Every single exercise is shot from concealment. This is an even more challenging prospect when you’re wearing three layers to deal with the sub-30-degree temperatures and wet weather. This culminated with a practical exercise in the form of a USPSA stage.

Day 2 built off of Day 1’s foundation and started incorporating more complexity in terms of movement, positional shooting, and support hand manipulations. What’s interesting is that all of the “skill tests” that are used are rooted heavily in competition shooting.