Bluetooth snooping tech lets Texas cops monitor devices at borders Even Bluetooth can be used by Big Brother against you – Techspot By:


If you’ve been anywhere near the Texas-Mexico border recently with a phone, wireless earbuds, or any other Bluetooth-enabled gadget, there’s a chance the feds were keeping tabs on you. At least two counties in the Lone Star State have implemented an incredibly invasive surveillance system that detects and tracks devices by tapping into their Bluetooth signals.

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The technology, called TraffiCatch, comes from a German company called Jenoptik. It enables law enforcement to essentially detect any Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals in the area and log the unique identifiers broadcast by those devices, according to publicly available contract data uncovered by the news outlet NOTUS. By combining that data with automated license plate readers already deployed all along the border, TraffiCatch can theoretically track people’s movements, even if they switch vehicles.Webb County, home to the border city of Laredo, has reportedly had this Bluetooth tracking capability since at least 2019.Click the link to read the whole article:Bluetooth snooping cops monitor devices at borders