Doctors Citing Fake Mass-Shooting Data to Justify Questioning Patients About Guns – By:


 Fake mass-shooting data has infected the medical community for a long time, and the infection is spreading. As soon as one anti-gun doctor publishes flawed research, another like-minded physician will piggyback on the previous study. It’s almost like the children’s telephone game, because the final message is always indecipherable.

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Too many health care professionals see their role as anti-gun advocates rather than primary care providers The want to gaslight the public into believing firearms constitute a public health crisis, so they can quiz their patents about gun ownership in the hopes they’ll relinquish their guns.

The latest fake news, which was published by Advances in Pediatrics, was titled: “A Review of Community-Based Gun Violence Prevention Programs and the Physician’s Role.”

Paige J. DeBlieux, MD, was the lead author. It should be noted that Dr. DeBlieux graduated from the University of South Florida’s medical school just last year.

DeBlieux and her three coauthors let readers know right away that their report is based on fake data from a debunked source, and therefore not worth the pixels used to post it on the website.

Click the link to read the whole article:  Doctors Citing Fake Data