Olight Seeker 4 Pro Review (Security Light) By: Joseph Kocik


Are you looking for a good flashlight that can do it all? The Olight Seeker 4 Pro is a great option and very affordable compared to other options.

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I reviewed and tested the Olight Seeker 4 Pro and shared my experience with this flashlight.

So, if you are considering buying this flashlight for EDC, home security, camping, or as a truck light, this post will help you decide.

This post is a complete review of the Olight Seeker 4 Pro.

Olight Seeker 4 Pro

Olight Seeker 4 Pro Reviewed – Pros & Cons

The Olight Seeker 4 Pro is a compact, high-powered flashlight designed as an everyday carry light.

It comes with a holster that can also be used as a storage mount for quick access and has a magnetic charging point built-in.

Olight Seeker 4 Pro

It is made in three different colors and two different color temperatures.

  • Black, Blue, Orange
  • Cool White (5700K – 7000K), Neutral White (4000K – 5000K)

Note: The neutral white version is only available in the color black

Olight Seeker 4 Pro

Olight Seeker 4 Pro

  • 4,600 Lumens
  • 260-meter throw
  • Rechargeable
  • Battery Last 15 days (moonlight mode)
  • It comes with a holster/mount
  • Versatile
  • User friendly
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Price Check: Olight Store, Amazon

MSRP $140


  • Bright
  • Adjustable
  • Long battery life
  • Rechargeable
  • 5-year warranty


  • Made in China
  • Charging brick not included
Olight Seeker 4 Pro

What’s In the Box?

Here is everything you get in the box with the Olight Seeker 4 Pro:

  • Olight Seeker 4 PRO
  • Olight 21700 battery (5000mAh)
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Charging holster with magnetic pads, and USB-C port
  • Wall mount with 3M adhesive and screws
  • Owner’s Manual
Olight Seeker 4 Pro

First Impressions

The first thing I noticed about this flashlight was that the charging port was in the holster.

I have used Olights before, so I am familiar with their magnetic charging system and how they can be stuck to any metal surface with the magnetic tail cap.

These feature has always come in handy, especially during my time working on helicopters in the military.

I immediately thought this would be a great emergency light to mount on the wall next to my fire extinguisher in the garage.

It can quickly be detached from the wall while charging and clipped on my belt or a backpack with the holster.

This light would make sense as a truck light mounted to the dash.

The charging holster is one of the most exciting and versatile features of the Seeker 4 Pro.

Olight Seeker 4 Pro Overview

Here is some quick data on the Olight Seeker 4 Pro.

Full Disclosure: Olight sent me this light out to test and review.


Body Material Aluminum Alloy
Beam Distance 853 ft (260 m)
Max Performance 4,600 lumens
Charging Type Type-C Charging (with Holster) or MCC3 Magnetic Charging (MCC3 2A Charging)
Compatible Batteries Customized 3.6V 5000mAh 21700 Lithium-ion Battery
Max Light Intensity 16,895 candela
Light Source High-Performance Cool White LED (5700K~7000K) / Neutral White LED (4000K~5000K)
Lens / Reflector Type TIR Optic Lens
Mode Operation Rotary Knob Switch
Form / Size Factor Medium Size
Series Series Seeker
Turbo 4600~1200~600 lumens
Run time Turbo 2.5 + 122 + 35 minutes
High 1200~600~300 lumens
Run time High 135 + 35 + 10 minutes
Med 300 lumens
Run time Med 11 hours
Low 50 lumens
Run time Low 60 hours
Moon 5 lumens
Run time Moon 15 days
Strobe Yes, 13Hz at 4,600 lumens
Waterproof IPX8
Weight 7.23 oz (205 g) (battery included)
Length 5.24 in (133 mm)
Head Diameter 1.38 in (35 mm)
Body Diameter 1.10 in (28 mm)


One of the best things about this flashlight is its brightness and adjustability.

You can quickly change from moonlight mode, which is 5 lumens, to turbo mode, which is 4,600 lumens.

Olight Seeker 4 Pro

It can also be fine tuned for any brightness in between with the step up button or the dial knob.

The brightness is absolutely great.

Olight Seeker 4 Pro


This is a medium size handheld flashlight. It has about a one-inch tube diameter, which is 5.24 inches long.

It is a perfect size that is not too big for everyday use but also not too small.

Olight Seeker 4 Pro


This aluminum body flashlight has a silicone/rubber inset for extra grip. The construction quality is top-notch, and even the holster is well-made.

The adjustment knob feels solid, and everything fits nicely and tight.

Online, I always hear people call this brand cheap. In my testing and use, I never experienced quality control issues.


One of the stand-out features of this flashlight and all Olight flashlights is the rechargeable battery.

This uses a 3.6V 5000mAh 21700 Lithium-ion battery that works great.

Olight Seeker 4 Pro

It can be recharged in two ways—one with the included holster and the USB-C cable.

Or with any magnetic charger that all Olight flashlights use. This magnetic charger is not included, which is unfortunate.

Olight Seeker 4 Pro

The battery will last a very long time on the lowest setting—5 lumens for 15 days, which is incredible.

It diminishes quicker, the brighter the setting. It will max out at peak brights of 4,600 lumens in turbo mode but only last 30 minutes.

The brightness will continue to fall the longer it is turned on, but this is very impressive for a handheld light.

There is also a battery indicator light on the right side of the adjustment wheel.

I’ve never had any issues with the battery on my Olights.


The activation button and brightness wheel are located on the side of the body, so your thumb can easily use it.

I like this better than a tail cap button on similar flashlights.

The body has some nice grippy texture that will help with grip and slightly help in cold weather to keep your hand somewhat warmer.


The included holster is one of the most innovative designs I have seen in a flashlight and a big selling point for the Seeker 4 Pro.

The belt clip holster is excellent if you work in security or any other profession requiring a flashlight.

The fit and finish are perfect and will attach to your belt or waist band.

Olight Seeker 4 Pro

When you are not using the light or at the end of the day, you can store it in the wall mount and plug it in to charge while it’s stored.

This can also be attached to a backpack or mounted on a car dashboard. There are lots of options and use cases for the mount and holster.

I like the charging holster, and it is a good feature.

Light Modes

Let me go over all the light modes:

  • One press – low
  • Double press – turbo mode
  • Triple press – strobe mode

You can change the brightness with the wheel as well. When you press and hold for a second, the brightness steps increase.

Olight Seeker 4 Pro

I usually use the wheel most of the time and not the press-and-hold step-up feature.

On the left side of the dial knob, there is a LED indicator to display the lumen brightness.

Olight Seeker 4 Pro

Olight Seeker 4 Pro

  • 4,600 Lumens
  • 260-meter throw
  • Rechargeable
  • Battery Last 15 days (moonlight mode)
  • It comes with a holster/mount
  • Versatile
  • User friendly
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Price Check: Olight Store, Amazon

My Experience

I used this as my everyday carry for about two weeks, and overall, this is an excellent light that is well worth the money.

This light was mounted in my garage with a charging cable to charge at night, and every morning, I would attach the holster to my belt.

If you want a tiny and compact light, this might not be your best option. This is better suited as a work or utility light for everyday use.

I had no issues with durability, and this was reliable. And I enjoyed using it with the adjustable brightness dial.

It is straightforward to use, and I never had to mess around trying to remember the modes. It’s simple and works great.

The brightness was more than enough to see anything in complete darkness. The turbo mode was too intense for everyday use but is a great security feature.

I felt comfortable knowing this light was plenty, and the strobe mode probably gave me a false sense of security.

I used this alongside my CCW, and with a pistol and the light, there was too much stuff on my belt line for comfort.

I would continue to use this as a home-dedicated light or even mount it up to the dash of my jeep.


A few other highlights I have tested are on the website. If you want a pistol light for self-defense, check out the Olight Valkyrie PL Turbo Review.

If you are in the market for a primary weapon light on your battle rifle, I also did an in-depth post on the Olight Odin flashlight.

There is also a mini version of this light, which is less bright but easier for everyday carry.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is an excellent and capable flashlight. It has lots of adjustability and brightness.

This would make a great truck flashlight to keep at the house for security.

The waterproof rating is suitable for heavy outdoor use, so this would work great in a camping pack.

I have been a big fan of Olight, which makes innovative lights. Their magnetic charging system is fantastic, and I like how the controls stay consistent throughout all their models.

This makes picking up any Olight familiar, and I do not have to relearn how many times to press the button.

I highly recommend this light, and it’s also very affordable, so you can’t go wrong with the Olight Seeker 4 Pro.

The only downside of this flashlight is that it’s made in China. So if that is important to you, know that.

Olight Seeker 4 Pro

Olight Seeker 4 Pro

  • 4,600 Lumens
  • 260-meter throw
  • Rechargeable
  • Battery Last 15 days (moonlight mode)
  • It comes with a holster/mount
  • Versatile
  • User friendly
Check Price

Price Check: Olight Store, Amazon

What Others Are Saying

Here are some of the top reviews and comments of what other people are saying about the Olight Seeker 4 Pro:

“Love this light. My biggest gripe with my R50 was the lack of moonlight. Thank you, Olight, for adding it to this. I didn’t realize how much more compact this was over the R50. If I had, I might have bought a Seeker 2 or 3. My only real gripe is why couldn’t the outer charging ring be made to work with the higher output MCC5V of the Javelot/R50?” – Rich Dickerson – Reviewed on September 27, 2023

“Extremely nice light that serves multiple purposes. Small and compact to carry around with you without being in the way. Dual charging capabilities make it very versatile. Thank you, Olight, for an excellent all-purpose light.” – James Conley – Reviewed on September 20, 2023

“I ordered this when it only had one review, I was very nervous. Since September 25th, when I revived this, I have bought another of the exact blue color Seeker 4 pro. I have not been disappointed yet with a Limited edition Arkfield UV and Open Glow. I bought a seeker 4 for work. I do have work lights, but I use the seeker for looking and quick things, but I have yet to charge it. The quality of these two products has outsold me over Streamlight, which I love. But the price and modularity of these are too hard to beat. The turn dial is easy to get used to, and the lockout system isn’t too bad, especially with the holster auto lock/unlock. Needless to say, I will continue to buy more” – Devon Gill – Reviewed on October 10, 2023

“My last flashlight was bought ten years ago in a Target, and I wanted some quality update. After some impromptu research, I bought a Seeker 4 Pro and a Marauder Mini at a significant discount ($105 and $140). Very satisfied with the overall experience. Packaging, build quality, usability, detailed spec sheet, everything… It simply feels excellent to hold them in your hand. I debated the cool vs. neutral white option and chose the neutral white for the Seeker 4 Pro. (The Marauder Mini only comes in cool). When using them side by side, I must say the warmer light is very pleasing and does not appear yellowish. Rather, the cool one comes off as cold. I will prefer ~5000K temperature for my future purchases.” – Andrew Timba – Reviewed on September 25, 2022

“I work in an iron foundry, no light anywhere in the maintenance dept. This thing cuts right through the smoke and metallic dust in the air with ease, and as bright as it is, I’m surprised that the battery life is exceptionally long. My only complaint is I wish I could focus the beam. If they come out with a Seeker 5 pro and it’s as bright or brighter with a focus able lense, you can best bet I’ll be buying a couple!” – Cody Temper – Reviewed on September 28, 2023

“If you know the Olight brand, you’ll know this will be a great product. An upgrade from the Seether 3 Pro with the bezels on the brightness selector wheel. Perfect.” – Taylor Kosman – Reviewed on February 19, 2023

“Quality is insanely good. It’s a flood light. I hoped it had a focused beam (candela), but I can’t complain about how much ground this covers. I’d recommend 100%” – Nick Ferro – Reviewed on September 25, 2023

Olight Seeker 4 Pro


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