Photo of the Week: Officer gets a ‘furr-midable’ hug from four-legged partner By: Police1 Members


This week’s photo of the week was submitted by School Resource Officer Deputy J. Smith of the Brown County Sheriff’s Office.

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“I’m a School Resource Officer for the Wrightstown Community School District located in Wrightstown, Wis., and have been a deputy with the Brown County Sheriff’s Office for 21 years,” writes Deputy Smith. “I have a facility dog named Betsy who is trained to give hugs and provide deep pressure therapy (applying her body weight on a child’s lap, using her weight and warmth as a calming strategy). Every day she makes a positive difference in children’s lives. She helps children with anxiety. Not only does she bring happiness to the kids, but also to the teachers, staff and other officers.

“This picture shows the calming presence that Betsy has on others as she gives our best police officer friend a loving hug. You can see the deep bond between Betsy and Officer H. Martin from the Wrightstown Police Department. Betsy was donated to me by Partners With Paws Service Dogs. She is the best partner ever! This picture was taken right before Officer Martin and I escorted our high school’s football team out of town on their way to a state football game!” 

Photo/Deputy J. Smith

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