TRIGGRCON 2023: Charity Auction Features Custom Rifle to Benefit U.S. Veterans By: News Desk


A unique charity auction featuring a meticulously crafted rifle is set to take place duringTRIGGRCON 2023 (Sept. 22 – 24). The sale will benefit the Resilient WarriorOrganization, a foundation dedicated to the well-being of US Military Veterans. Not onlywill bidders have the opportunity to acquire this fine specimen of gunsmithing, but theywill also be supporting an organization that provides comprehensive assistance toveterans, from secure housing and healthcare to employment support. Every detail ofthe auctioned piece honors those who’ve served in the nation’s defense, symbolizingvalor and sacrifice. Here’s what WOOX had to say about the auction!

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GUNSMITH: Arrow-Dynamics, Lawndale, NC

This week, we have the privilege of featuring this masterpiece, which serves not just asa testament to unparalleled gunsmithing artistry, but also as a beacon of hope andrecognition for the undaunted spirits that the Resilient Warrior Organization supports.

Every intricate detail of the Auction Rifle tells a story of valor, sacrifice, and anunyielding commitment to those who’ve stood at the forefront of our nation’s defense.Join us as we delve into the journey of this unique piece, and the immense impact itpromises to make for our bravest.

Resilient Warrior's Donation Rifle

Priced at $799, the ZeroTech Optic sets new standards for visual acuity and accuracy.Its 5-25X56mm RMG range ensures that targets, whether close or distant, are capturedwith unparalleled clarity. Discover more about this exceptional piece

Zerotech 5-25x56MM RMG Optic

The rifle’s chassis plays an essential role in providing stability. The Woox FuriosaChassis, available for $1099, isn’t just aesthetically pleasing; it is a marriage of designand functionality that ensures each shot is steady.

Furiosa Chassis

A rifle’s trigger mechanism plays a pivotal role in its performance. The Remington 700Two-Stage Trigger, available for $215 at, provides a crisp andconsistent response, ensuring each shot is on mark.

Remington 700 Two-Stage Trigger

The core of any rifle lies in its action and barrel. The Heller EV5, with its 22″ stainlessbarrel, stands as a testament to impeccable craftsmanship. Available for $1899, thebarreled action promises durability, accuracy, and an elite shooting experience. Divedeeper into its specifications at

Heller EV-5 Barreled Action

Recoil can be the difference between a hit or miss. Priced at $120, the Heller micro3-port stainless muzzle brake ensures that recoil is managed effectively, providingstability and enhancing the shooter’s experience.

Stainless Muzzle Brake

Precision in shooting often boils down to the stability of the scope. For $159, theSeekins Precision Scope Rings, designed for 34mm scopes, ensure that the opticremains firmly in place, allowing the shooter to focus solely on the target.

Behind every great rifle is a gunsmith who understands the intricacies of firearmassembly. Arrow-Dynamics has generously donated their top-notch gunsmithingservices, ensuring that each component comes together seamlessly, producing a riflethat’s more than the sum of its parts.

Resilient Warrior Donation Rifle

Resilient Warrior is fervently committed to ensuring the holistic well-being of USMilitary Veterans. Recognizing the multifaceted challenges veterans face, thefoundation offers comprehensive solutions encompassing secure housing on a sereneten-acre facility, mental and physical healthcare, vocational training, and employmentassistance. Beyond just meeting immediate needs, the foundation’s vision is totransform communities by empowering veterans to lead productive lives.

The foundation prides itself on its volunteer-led operations, ensuring maximum fundallocation towards veteran welfare. Nestled in the quiet town of Harper, KS, the facilityboasts proximity to state-of-the-art healthcare at Patterson Medical, courtesy of the

generosity of the Cerner CEO. As the foundation continues its mission, it invites publicparticipation to turn its noble vision into reality for every deserving veteran.

Resilient Warrior Foundation package


TRIGGRCON is a three-day annual firearms industry event in the Wichita, KS area, atthe Hartman Arena and Severance Training Center. The show format is a two-dayexhibitor show, allowing you to showcase and interact with the public, media, andindustry. The third day transitions to the range, allowing you to display and demo yourproducts. This allows attendees to See It and then Shoot It!

Due to our strong focus on inviting only premier manufacturers to this segmentedmarket, you can expect to have the highest level of prosumers, influencers, LEO/MILbuyers, and media in attendance. TRIGGRCON provides the best platform andtimeframe to make new product announcements that align with our industry consumers’buying habits.

A TRIGGRCON Experience Party will also be held Friday night, Sept. 22nd. Exhibitorswill receive two tickets, and additional tickets are available for purchase. All proceedsbenefit The Resilient Warrior Housing for Veterans program.