Mantis BlackbeardX: A Closer Look at TRIGGRCON 2023 By: News Desk


At TRIGGRCON 2023, among the myriad of firearms and shooting technologies showcased, the Mantis BlackbeardX is one of the more interesting options to browse. While not a new unveiling, this product offers a unique firearm training approach worth discussing.

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The BlackbeardX is an auto-resetting trigger system that integrates analytics and intelligent feedback. Specifically designed for AR-15 platforms, it’s an evolution of the original Blackbeard, enhanced with MantisX technology.

Integration with MantisX: The BlackbeardX incorporates MantisX technology, which has been instrumental in transforming how shooters refine their technique. This technology offers real-time feedback on shooting technique, smart coaching, and actionable analytics via the MantisX Pistol/Rifle app.

Dynamic Shooting Analysis: Beyond static shooting analysis, the BlackbeardX offers a unique capability to analyze and improve dynamic shooting. This involves high-speed movement with multi-target engagements, providing previously unavailable insights.

Efficiency Metrics: The system evaluates a shooter’s performance based on on-target delay, over-travel, and transition path. These metrics offer a comprehensive understanding of a shooter’s efficiency and areas of improvement.

User-Friendly Interface: Connecting to the existing MantisX Pistol/Rifle app via Bluetooth, the BlackbeardX provides access to familiar drills and courses. New drills are also unlocked when connected to the BlackbeardX, ensuring a diverse training experience.

Installation: The ease of installation is notable. Users can set up the BlackbeardX in less than a minute, making it a convenient tool for regular training.

Held from September 22-24, 2023, in Wichita, KS, TRIGGRCON is a premier annual firearms industry event. The format includes a two-day exhibitor show at the Hartman Arena and a range day at the Severance Training Center. This structure allows attendees to see products and test them in a shooting environment. With a focus on premier manufacturers, TRIGGRCON attracts a mix of prosumers, influencers, LEO/MIL buyers, and media.