Photo of the Week: ‘911, ruff’s your emergency?’ By: Police1 Members

Garden City Police Department

This week’s photo of the week is of K9 Kaizen of the Garden City (Kansas) Police Department who was caught taking a break from chasing bad guys, supporting and hanging out in dispatch, and trying to get extra treats from his fellow officers. Thanks to Erinn Reyes for submitting this pic.

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We asked Police1 Facebook, Instagram and YouTube subscribers to suggest a caption for this week’s photo and boy did you folks deliver! Thanks to doc jena for the winning headline and Raymond Marzilli for the winning subhead.

Here’s a selection of some of our other favs:

“Calm down! How many times did he fake throw the ball?” Damian Ramey

“Yes, if the squirrel is in your yard, he’s trespassing and you have every right to chase him, it doesn’t matter what mom and dad say.” – Donnie Lee

“Ma’am, just send the cat outside with his paws up and claws retracted.” – Chris C

“Man! I have one potty accident in the chief’s office, and I get reassigned to dispatch to think about what I’ve done.” – Oscar Lopez

“Our animal control doesn’t handle cats. But leave me your number and when I’m off shift, I will handle it myself” – Garret Thomas McLemore

“Feline pursuit! West bound – no – eastbound – no – get SWAT to set perimeter on the Pine tree! – Judith Crary

“All units… respond to the large tree in the park. Suspect is terrorizing birds and gathering nuts.” – Brett Caldwell

“Bark once for police. Bark twice for medical. Bark three times for the big red truck. Bark four times for the mailman. Keep barking if it’s a squirrel” – Marc Symington

Calling all police photographers! Police1 needs pictures of you in action or training. Submit a photo – it could be selected as our Photo of the Week. Be sure to include your name, department information and some background information on the photo.