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5G is here for both fixed locations and vehicles

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Today’s first responders require secure, nonstop connectivity with access to mission-critical technologies to ensure safety and transparency. Well, 5G is here, which means agencies can see and act on real-time information faster and more efficiently, whether in a police cruiser, fire apparatus or ambulance; in a mobile command center; or back at headquarters.

Join Lexipol and Cradlepoint as we highlight why thousands of agencies rely on 5G and LTE routers and adapters to support their critical communication needs.

You will learn:

  • Ways that wireless solutions serve agencies in many scenarios
  • What’s important to know about 5G technology
  • How 5G and emergency services networks such as FirstNet work together
  • About the top new 5G and LTE products


Good content – not too ‘salesy’ – right amount of time.

Provided basic information that was useful for future planning.


Robert Edwards is a Solutions Architect at Cradlepoint serving the partner community. With a career in telecommunications and networking spanning over 20 years. Robert is a Cradlepoint Certified Network Expert and his hobbies include coffee and hacking.

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