Nashville PD Bodycam Video Shows Cops Running Toward the Sound of Gunfire By: Dan Zimmerman


Watch the video above with the sound on to hear the communication between the responding Nashville Police Department officers arriving at the New Covenant School and then moving through the building.

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Notice how they reacted when they hear shots fired. These are officers with ARs, shotguns and handguns running to the sound of gunfire. No helmets, no ballistic shields.

They engaged a shooter who was armed with an AR, a pistol caliber carbine, and a handgun as quickly as possible. The killing stopped as soon as the killer was confronted. You might even say that the only thing that stopped her was a good guy with a gun.

The NPD officers’ training, execution, and bravery will no doubt come as a shock to the literally dozens of Uvalde cops who, if media reports are to be believed, stood down for 77 minutes, supposedly because the shooter there also had an AR.

How many children in Uvalde — or Parkland — would have been saved if the police there had performed as the responding Nashville officers did?