Home Editorials Langdon Tactical Offers Completely Free Training Video Series By: Scott Conditt

Langdon Tactical Offers Completely Free Training Video Series By: Scott Conditt

Langdon Tactical Offers Completely Free Training Video Series   By: Scott Conditt

The importance of quality education and training when it comes to firearms ownership and operation is absolutely paramount. Many who are new to firearms feel it can be daunting and have a lot of questions. Particularly those who consider making everyday carry a part of their lifestyle. For this reason, we introduce Langdon Tactical and its video training series and comprehensive resource.

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Langdon Tactical Change the Game

Quality, thorough, thoughtful, and well-designed training content to serve firearms owners across the full spectrum of experience is important. However, no single platform has truly hit the mark.

This is where Ernest and Aimee Langdon enter the scene with designs to change the game. They are the president and vice president of the renowned firearms customization outfit Langdon Tactical Technology (LTT).

The Backstory

Ernest’s background includes 12 years of active-duty service in the United States Marine Corps. Additionally, he has more than 30 years of competitive shooting experience. His competitive accolades include a Grand Master rating in USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association). Likewise, he has accreditation as a Distinguished Master in IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association). Finally, he has ten National Championships and two World Speed Shooting titles.

Aimee is a global business professional with more than 16 years of accomplished professional business development, sales, and marketing experience. She has podiumed three times at The Tactical Games—twice in first and once in second place at the 2021 Nationals. While leading Business Development and Operations for LTT, she trains at a grueling pace and is an energetic and dedicated mom.

Ernest and Aimee Langdon of Langdon Tactical.

This couple not only helms the day-to-day business at LTT but are also the masterminds and producers behind LTT Discover. LTT is renowned for customizing and converting exceptional stock firearms platforms into extraordinary competition-quality enhanced guns. LTT Discover is a groundbreaking firearms education and empowerment platform.

Free Video Series and Comprehensive Training Resource

As noted in the mission statement of the LTT Discover website, the completely free video series and comprehensive training resource is “…aimed at bringing forth great information and resources to better guide and educate those looking to own a firearm without intimidation or demanding perfection.”

The curriculum is guided, based on experience level and keynotes distilled from the unique backgrounds and perspectives of both Aimee and Ernest. Likewise, it draws insight and contributions from influential pillars and experts in the 2A community. As a result, the series serves as a very inclusive, welcoming, well-rounded resource.

I recently navigated the series and website myself. Having experience with what else is (and isn’t) out there, I feel LTT Discover is genuinely a refreshing new approach. Even the most well-trained and experienced in the firearms community should find great value throughout.

Screenshot of Ernest Langdon providing firearm instruction in LTT Discover video.

I recently had a chance to chat with the founders about their journey together. We discussed the inception of the LTT Discover platform and learned what is in store for the community. Specifically as it applies to the future of firearms education and training.


How did you two meet each other?

AIMEE: We worked together at a robotics company for six years. We both started new chapters personally and professionally and found each other romantically.

What’s life like between the business, family, and training? How do you juggle it all?

ERNEST: Balance. We are constantly balancing family time, work time, and personal time and sometimes we fail all the way around. But fitness and nutrition are pivotal components of our family unit. We are active together and love to cook.

AIMEE: Outside of our personal shooting training, we attend other classes and courses with other instructors to continue to learn from other people.

I understand the Discover platform was partially developed because of your experiences training together. What’s that dynamic like at the range?

AIMEE: Have you ever tried to teach your spouse something? HA! We shoot together all the time and as a couple, manage it better than most.

ERNEST: In all the years we have been going to the range, we can count on one hand the number of times we silently packed up and left the range. Learning when and how to instruct as well as how to be a student while separating the relationship is something we have figured out.

AIMEE: It’s tough to teach and be corrected all the time. However, separating the emotion from the task often helps. And sometimes, he just needs to be reminded, “positive reinforcement helps too,” or “hey, can we just shoot today?”

ERNEST (laughing): Sometimes, I just need to keep my mouth shut.

What were some of the main motivations or “aha! moments” that led to you beginning to consider developing LTT Discover?

ERNEST: We began to develop Discover as we found a missing gap in education and information available for people who are not tactical, LE or related to the LE/MIL community. Being business owners, we are often asked for direction, information and/or training. As we started to get bigger, more people were asking for assistance. We were looking for places to send them.

AIMEE: Guilty by association, the assumption was that early on, I was just as proficient and experienced as Ernest was, and the reality is, at that time, I hadn’t even touched a handgun before we got together. The “Carry Journey” component of Discover was created based on many gun owners’ first-time experiences around firearms or in making the decision to own a firearm while also incorporating health and fitness as a more complete mindset.

Being in the tactical industry, it’s often assumed or impressed upon others that if you are going to own a firearm, you have to do things a certain way and if you don’t, then you shouldn’t even own a firearm. It’s very intimidating for millions of people and many of the gun owners today.

Who is LTT Discover for?

ERNEST: LTT Discover is for everyone—those thinking about firearms ownership to those who own firearms and who carry every day.

LTT Discover screeshot.

When it comes to the 2A space and industry, how important is community and community building to you, and why?

Aimee: Community and Community building is huge, it’s very important to us. We believe a community provides real and raw emotion, tied to being caring and helpful to individuals in a positive way.

A strong community provides a safe place where people can seek information and ask questions without the fear of being belittled or made fun of because they don’t understand and/or are new and don’t know things that some people consider common knowledge.

Ernest: Being a part of a community makes people feel comfortable to ask a question, agree OR disagree, and be guided by trusted and real individuals from a real raw perspective, position or experience background.

What has the initial response to LTT Discover been since its launch?

AIMEE: We are blown away by the positive response from Discover. We have received so many thanks and “ah-ha’s” from men and women alike who feel like the information is proficient, straightforward, and not intimidating. Many enthusiasts who are gun owners have been able to use it as a tool for friends and loved ones to share information and thoughts from real individuals.

As a closing question, what are your personal hopes and dreams for the impact that LTT will have on the industry and the public at large?

AIMEE: As a brand, we hope Langdon Tactical will be a resource not only for products and training (as it is today) but also as an educational resource that provides a welcoming community guiding people to be more confident, self-reliant, and empowered as individuals.

Thank you, Aimee and Ernest, for sitting down to share this exciting new resource. I expect it will help grow the community in a much-needed way. And I’ll definitely be watching to see what comes next.  

Ernest and Aimee Langdon of Langdon Tactical.

To learn more about Langdon Tactical Technology and to explore the LTT Discover platform, visit LangdonTactical.com and LTTDiscover.com.

LTT Discover screeshot.

This article was originally published in the Personal Defense World April/May 2022 issue. Subscription is available in print and digital editions at OutdoorGroupStore.com. Or call 1-800-284-5668, or email subscriptions@athlonmediagroup.com.

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