Glock 19 Compensator By Tyrant Designs: Useful or Just Cool Looking? By: Jason Mosher


The Glock 19 is one of the world’s most beloved pistols, used by numerous military units and law enforcement agencies alike. Countless aftermarket parts and accessories are available to customize your Glock 19 for any purpose. One common upgrade is adding a compensator. A compensator helps reduce recoil and muzzle rise, making it easier to keep your Glock on target. It also enhances accuracy and shooter confidence. If you haven’t used a compensator before, you should consider trying one out.

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The T-Comp by Tyrant Designs.
The T-Comp by Tyrant Designs is a great addition to your Glock pistol.

When selecting a compensator for your gun, it comes down to personal preference or which type works best for you in each situation. Compensators come in two varieties: single port, and dual port; both attach to the end of the gun. Some custom guns have compensators built in, but this is not as common. The compensator by Tyrant Designs, known as the T-Comp is one of the better compensators I have used. It reduces muzzle rise and recoil, all helping with both accuracy and speed. The T-Comp works with 1/2-28 threaded barrels, which is common for Glock barrels and other after-market barrels.

Attaching the T-Comp to Your Glock Pistol

The T-Comp features a two-piece design that installs securely without the need for set screws or other attachment methods. This reduces installation time significantly compared to most compensators, so you can get your hands on one and begin using it immediately after purchase.

For this style of compensator, you need a threaded barrel which can be purchased in a variety of lengths and colors. The compensator is in two pieces and comes with a wrench and rubber washer. Remove the barrel protector sleeve and then place the compensator frame over the barrel. It should fit up against the end of the slide.

Installing the T-Comp by Tyrant Designs.
The T-Comp is easy to install and takes only seconds. It will not come loose or move once installed.

Make sure you are using the correct one for the model of Glock. Some aftermarket slides may be shaped differently and not fit the compensator correctly. Once the frame is over the barrel, screw the insert onto the barrel and tighten it with the wrench. Use one of the included rubber washers to help keep the compensator tight. This two-piece design also makes it simple to align the T-Comp, helping keep it secure when you holster or draw from a holster. This is especially helpful when competing and needing to keep your weapon in position at all times.

Why use the Tyrant Designs T-Comp?

An advantage of the T-Comp is that it redirects expelled gases upward, allowing you to keep your firearm pointed accurately without feeling any uncomfortable pressure on your face when shooting from close retention positions. Without a compensator installed, combustion gases from ammunition are directly expelled out of the barrel and into your face when shooting. This causes your firearm to recoil more than desired when trying to hit a target quickly. That’s why many competitive shooters opt to add compensators to their firearms in order to improve consistency when hitting targets that are moving or when being timed.

Compensator for Glock 19.
The Tyrant Designs compensator for Glock pistols is a great value for the price.

The T-Comp is specifically designed to fit a wide variety of handguns, making it the ideal accessory for anyone looking to improve their accuracy and performance at the range. Available in an array of colors, this product can help anyone boost their accuracy and performance on the range.

Besides the benefits of a compensator, they also look really cool. I know, not a good reason to put an accessory on your gun. But really, Tyrant CNC did a great job on this compensator, and it makes your gun look like something out of a movie. I mean this thing would make John Wick raise an eyebrow…

Are compensators only for competition?

Compensators are mostly seen in the competition world. But that does not mean they don’t have other benefits. Because they are specifically designed to reduce recoil and help you shoot faster, they can be beneficial for self-defense too. If you find yourself in a self-defense situation, being able to shoot quickly and accurately is the key factor. If your shots are not well placed, the attacker may have time to shoot back or continue the attack. One of the only downsides to a compensator is the added weight and length to the gun.

Glock 19 compensator by Tyrant Designs
A compensator can be used for more than just competition shooting. Because they are effective at controlling recoil, they are great options for CCW as well.

For concealed carry, a longer gun is harder to hide. The compensator turns your Glock 19 into the length of a Glock 22. But there are still options out there if you want to carry one. Outside the Waistband holsters work great in the winter and shoulder holsters are both good options for carrying a longer handgun. I have used a shoulder holster for years and find them to be comfortable and concealable. I use a Galco holster that works with my Glock 19 which has a compensator and a tac light.


The Tyrant Designs compensator will not come loose even though it does not require a set screw or any Loctite. It is available for Glock Gen 3-5 models and works in most G34 holsters. They offer six color combos to choose from and the stem can also be purchased separately if you want to change the color combo.

A compensator may not be for everyone, but they really do make a difference in recoil and accuracy. A compensator is a great addition for those using optics because it makes your follow-up shots even faster. For the price, this is one of the best upgrades you can make to your Glock handgun. I have never had an issue with any products from Tyrant Designs, and the T-Comp is no different. If you decide to make the upgrade, you won’t be disappointed when you take it for a spin at the range.