Home Product Reviews Real Avid Sight Pusher for Glock: Hard Jobs Made Easy By: Jason Mosher

Real Avid Sight Pusher for Glock: Hard Jobs Made Easy By: Jason Mosher

Real Avid Sight Pusher for Glock: Hard Jobs Made Easy   By: Jason Mosher

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but the first time I tried changing the sights on a Glock pistol was in a vice with a screwdriver. In my defense, this was a long time ago, and wrapping your gun in a rag and clamping it in the vice was not uncommon. A flathead and a hammer took care of most gun modifications back then, but really, having the right tools makes all the difference when you are working on guns. The Real Avid sight pusher is a must if you plan to upgrade the sights on your Glock pistol anytime soon. It’s heavy-duty and makes the job extremely easy.

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Real Avid Sight Pusher
The Real Avid Sight Pusher is a must-have for changing the rear sights on Glock pistols.

To remove the rear sights on a Glock, you have to push them out of the groove. It takes a lot of pressure to get them out so it’s almost impossible to do it without a sight pusher, at least in a reasonable amount of time. I have tried other sight pushers before and while they work, the Real Avid tool is by far the best. It comes with everything you need to change the front and rear sights on your Glock handgun. Here’s how it works.

Using the Slide Attachments

The Real Avid sight pusher comes with two slide attachments to help set the correct height. This helps the tool to line up in the groove for the rear sight. The sight pusher holds the slide in place while you remove and install the sights.

The first thing you have to do is take the slide off the lower frame and then remove the spring and barrel. The slide will then need to go over the metal plate (see photo below) just like it does on the gun frame. The small handle on the bottom of the sight pusher tightens the plate down once the slide is on it. If you push this handle straight up, the metal slide adaptors can be removed.

Real Avid Sight Tool
Two slide adaptors come with the Real Avid tool. Find the correct thickness to make the grove on the slide line up with the pusher.

With the correct adapter, place the slide in the tool and line the groove up. Use the smaller handle to tighten it and hold the slide in place. With the slide locked into the tool, use the large handle to push the sight out of the groove. It may be a good idea to put some painter’s tape on the side of the sight pusher to keep it from scratching your sight. As you turn the handle, the sight will start to move. Once it is out, the new sight can be lined up in the groove and pushed back in. A set of calipers is the best way to make sure you get the sight back in the same place as the old one.

Using the Real Avid Sight Pusher
The Glock slide goes over the slide adapter and locks in place by tightening the handle underneath.

Two-in-One Tool for Front Sight

For the front sight, the two-in-one tool is the only thing you need. It has a 3/16-inch nut driver to remove the sight screw from the bottom of the slide. The screw is easy to get loose and the sight will come off once the screw is out. The nut driver has a magnet to help keep the screw from falling out. I like to place a small amount of blue Loctite on the screw, but this is a personal preference for me. If you use Blue Loctite, you must use a heat gun to get it back off. The site pusher has a storage area in the handle for the 2-in-1 tool to fit in. The other side of the 2-in-1 tool is a punch to remove the pins in the lower frame.

Real Avid Two-In-One tool
The 2-in-1 sight tool comes with the sight pusher. It includes the wrench for the front sight and a punch for removing the pins.

Why Aftermarket Sights?

Glock pistols feature great sights that provide accurate aiming in all lighting conditions. But replacing the stock sights on your Glock will improve its performance and enable you to reach your shooting objectives more easily. When shooting during daylight or in well-lit areas, a wide front sight is essential to make target acquisition easier. Make sure the sight is large enough to be seen under various lighting conditions and features a contrasting color for extra clarity. The ideal night sights will feature a phosphor-lit tritium rear sight that glows brightly in low-light conditions to help you locate your target more easily. TRUGLO, Night Fision, and Ameriglo all offer great sights for Glock pistols.

Many after-market night sights are made from forged metal and utilize a three-dot layout infused with tritium vials set against a contrasting background. The color contrast helps you to quickly aim and acquire targets in low-light situations. This can be important for CCW weapons because many self-defense incidents take place in the dark. If you need to grab your weapon in the middle of the night, it can be hard to see where the barrel is pointing. Some sights also make seeing them during the day easier as well.

TRUGLO Sights on Glock slide
These TRUGLO sights make shooting at night easier. They can be installed in minutes with the Real Avid Sight Pusher.


This Real Avid sight pusher boasts a sturdy base and big handle that makes it easy to use even without a vise. It also has a spring-loaded slide holder, so your slide stays put once installed. While not as buttery smooth as Wheeler’s, its performance far surpasses that of most sight pushers, making this model an excellent option for anyone seeking a high-quality yet user-friendly sight pusher.

I keep this tool in my range bag so I can adjust sights at the range. If you want to upgrade from this tool, Real Avid also offers a Master Sight Pusher that is even more heavy-duty than this one. Hammering away on a sight with a hammer and punch may get the job done, but it won’t be as accurate, and it won’t be as easy. If you own a Glock, this is one of those must-haves. With the right tools, there is no limit to the upgrades you can make to your Glock handgun.