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Like a backpack, it never seems to matter how big it is, safes often become overfull and cluttered. Maybe it’s because we have a hard time with empty spaces. It makes it feel like we are forgetting something. However, keeping your safe organized makes it easier to get to its contents faster, which might be really important someday. For this reason, SnapSafe offers its multi-use magnetic safe accessories to de-clutter your operation.

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SnapSafe Multi-Use Magnetic Safe Accessories

SnapSafe Magnetic Hook

SnapSafe Multi-Use Magnetic Safe Accessories.
(Photo by SnapSafe)

Although technically, this is an exterior accessory, the Magnetic Hook allows you to pull some items out of your safe. Designed to be positioned on any exterior edge of a gun safe, the two-hook design holds up to 15 pounds.

The external hook allows you to place items that don’t need to be under lock and key outside the safe. For example, you can place a range bag, binoculars, small backpack, eye/ear pro, etc. With those items on the outside, you have more room inside for essential items. With an affordable price of only $21.99, you can get more than one for a thorough safe cleaning.

SnapSafe Magnetic Swivel Hooks

SnapSafe Multi-Use Magnetic Safe Accessories.
(Photo by SnapSafe)

Available in packs of two, the Swivel Hooks feature a 1¼-inch rare earth magnet for secure placement. The small hooks would be ideal for extra/unused slings, small accessory bags, eye/ear pro, keys, or any small items you want to get off the floor or shelf. Aside from the applications present within a safe, the Swivel Hooks are also great around the home for other uses. At $21.99 for two, they are a great little organizing option.

SnapSafe Magnetic Gun Mount

SnapSafe Multi-Use Magnetic Safe Accessories.
(Photo by SnapSafe)

The Magnetic Gun Mount has applications both within the safe and around the home (if no children are present). Utilizing powerful rare-earth magnets, the Gun Mount can hold up to 43 pounds, keeping your firearm safe until needed. The Gun Mount ships with mounting screws, allowing you to mount it under a desk, table, against a bedside table, etc. A rubberized coating helps to protect your firearm from scratches.

Additionally, the magnet will also allow you to mount it to the metal interior of your safe. As a result, you can pull a few pistols off the shelf and place them on the ceiling of your safe. However, if you choose this method, using a secondary retention method to the safe is a good idea. You want to ensure the mount doesn’t come off with your firearm. Some black Gorilla tape would help with added retention. The Gun Mount is available for $23.99.


The SnapSafe Multi-Use Magnetic Accessories are available now with MSRPs of $21.99 – $23.99, depending on the model. For more info, please visit

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