Pistols at Perry — Registration Opens for 2023 National Matches By: Editor


March 17th, 2023

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Camp perry bullseye pistol championship

The CMP recently opened Registration for the 2023 National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio. Since the turn of the 20th century*, Camp Perry has hosted major marksmanship events. While the rifle competitions get the most coverage, the Camp Perry National Matches also include bullseye pistol competition. Traditional Bullseye pistol shooting can bring nearly a thousand competitors to Camp Perry each summer, as part of the CMP National Championships. For these Camp Perry pistol matches, targets are set at 25 and 50 yards. The shooting position is standing and firing one-handed in slow fire, timed fire, and rapid-fire.

Since their inception over a century ago, the National Matches have become a major shooting sports festival with over 4,500 annual participants. Held at the Camp Perry Nat’l Guard Training Base, the National Matches now include both indoor and outdoor events. Adult and junior athletes are welcome.

2023 Camp Perry Pistol Schedule Pistol Registration Form PDF

Camp Perry Pistol bullseye

Camp Perry Bullseye Pistol Competition
Camp Perry is synonymous with the oldest and most prestigious annual trophy matches in our nation’s history. And in a venue renowned for service rifle matches, the sport of precision pistol is no less important, no less challenging, and no less respected. The National Trophy Pistol Matches is all about traditional handgunning — the stance, the intense concentration, and of course, the one-handed grip. It’s all unmistakable as the game of Bullseye Pistol. Every year there are no fewer than 24 separate match trophies for the top Bullseye Pistol shooters, both military and civilian. And the very best will claim National Match Trophies and receive the President’s 100 Tab.

The 2021 National Matches encompass multiple pistol competitions, including a Centerfire Pistol 900 Aggregate, a .45 Pistol 900 Aggregate, and a CMP Revolver Match. To learn more about CMP events at the 2021 National Matches at Camp Perry, visit the CMP Nat’l Matches Website.

Camp Perry Pistol

* The first National Matches at Camp Perry were held in 1907. SEE:A Short History of Perry and the National Championshipsby Hap Rocketto.
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