Arsenal Circle 10 AK Mag — Quality You Can Trust By: Jason Mosher


Do you like metal or polymer magazines? When it comes to magazines for the AK-47 rifle, people are just as divided as they are with AR-15 magazines. Metal is heavier and provides some strength that polymer does not. But polymer is the new kid on the block and is proving it can be just as rugged. Even the US military is divided on this issue. The US Marine Corps, Special Operations Command, and the US Air Force have all selected the Magpul Gen M3 PMAG as their standard magazine. The US Army however is sticking with the aluminum EPM (enhanced performance magazine).

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Circle 10 AK magazine
The Arsenal Circle 10 AK-47 magazine is a military-grade mag that has steel feed lips, floor plate, and lug.

The debate comes down to the durability and strength of polymer vs aluminum. More specifically, the ability for it to break in extreme cold weather. But what if you could have both metal and polymer? The Arsenal Circle 10 AK-47 Magazine may be the answer for those AK-47 lovers. This mag is arguably one of the most reliable AK magazines ever made. Constructed from top-grade polymer, this magazine features steel reinforcements on the front/back, steel feed lips, and a steel locking lug for extra security. With AK-47 mags, one of the concerns with polymer is the locking lug wearing out or breaking. Glock magazines are known for their durability and part of this is because of the steel reinforcement inside the mag. Arsenal has done this with their line of Circle 10 magazines.

Authentic Bulgarian Waffle Magazine

The original Arsenal Circle 10 AK-47 Magazine was engineered to be the pinnacle of military-grade performance. Crafted from reinforced black polymer, these mags offer an ideal choice for those looking to upgrade from their outdated steel magazines with more contemporary options. These mags feature high-tensile strength springs and precision machined feed lips. Plus, they include full-size springs with more turns for longer durability. Bulgarian-made or designed magazines may be more expensive than other brands, but they are some of the most dependable AK magazines on the market. These mags have been tested and proven to pass military drop tests 100% of the time.

Circle 10 AK-47 Magazine specs
The Arsenal Circle 10 AK-47 mag is a polymer magazine with steel inserts to add strength. This makes it one o the most durable AK mags in the world. (Photo:

The Circle 10 mag is more expensive than other mags on the market, but the quality may be worth the added price if you intend to use it for self-defense. Cheaper mags make it easier to stock up, but if you can’t rely on them the savings it is a moot point. This isn’t to say that some of the cheaper mags are bad quality either. But I do believe you get the best quality with a Circle 10 magazine by Arsenal.

Strength & Durability

The Arsenal Circle 10 AK-47 Magazine is designed to withstand even the toughest environments. As mentioned above, it has steel locking lugs for reliable feeding and function. Plus, its anti-tilt polymer follower and steel baseplate add extra strength and rigidity. No matter your experience level with AKs, or whether you have been using them for years, quality magazines are critical components to success. So, when selecting a magazine for your AK-47, make sure it stands the test of time and delivers consistent results. The Circle 10 magazine is built like a tank and gives that durability with its combination of polymer and steel.

Arsenal Circle 10 magazine
The polymer Circle 10 AK-47 mag is constructed of both polymer and steel, bringing together the best of both worlds.

I have been using a Circle 10 mag for a while and it has never failed on me yet. I recently purchased the MK-47 CMMG Banshee because I was intrigued by the idea of an AR-15 and AK-47 mutant rifle. This made the perfect gun to fun some of my own tests on. It accepts AK mags, but it’s not a true AK-47. Because it’s based on an AR-15 design, it can be a little pickier than a true AK-47. The Circle 10 mag was just a little stiff at first because of the polymer coating over the steel. But after loading and reloading a few times, this cleared up. It worked great after that, although I will say the color of my MK-47 didn’t go with the OD Green mag!

Taking the Circle 10 mag Apart

Many gun owners will never take apart their magazines and simply replace them if they fail. But I like to keep mine running as long as possible and this requires inspecting them. The idea of throwing away mags came from companies spitting out cheap mags like candy. But a quality magazine is no different than a quality gun. It lasts longer and is more reliable, but you also must take care of it. A gun gets dirty when you shoot it and needs cleaning. You wouldn’t think a magazine would get that dirty since it is just an enclosed spring. But I have found plenty of mags that needed cleaning after extensive use on the range.

magazine disassembly
To remove the floor/base plate, push on the insert and slide the metal plate toward the back of the gun. Make sure to keep your thumb over the insert, so the spring does not fly out.

The floor plate on the magazine comes off like any other. I used a small punch to push in the insert. When the insert is pushed in, slide the plate forward and off the magazine. Just make sure to keep your thumb over the insert or the spring will come flying out. I mentioned above that this mag has a full-length spring. I was not joking. The spring on this thing is nearly 20 inches long. The follower has two full sides on it which makes it impossible to turn inside the magazine. To reassemble, push the spring back in slowly and reinstall the floor plate. It will slide on without issue and click into place. It is a good idea to check the springs either annually or after excessive use.

The Arsenal Circle 10 AK-47 mag is one of the toughest-built mags I have ever seen.

The polymer body makes it scratch resistant and durable. The steel lining, feed lips, and floor plate are the backbone of its strength. It can withstand the elements and abuse over time. Whether you own an old WWII-era AK, a modern-day AK, or both—this magazine serves as the ideal accessory.

If you want a polymer magazine that is on the lighter side but still has that military-grade durability, this is a perfect choice. AK-47 rifles are nicknamed “mud guns” because they keep on keeping on. Rain or shine, sand, or mud, they don’t fail. But a reliable gun is useless if the magazine can’t feed it ammo. The Arsenal Circle 10 AK mag isn’t the cheapest, but it is the best. And it makes a perfect companion for such a legendary rifle like the AK-47.