Video: Mich. police make fiery rescue after speeding suspect crashes By:


By Ashley Silver

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WYANDOTTE, Mich. — Bodycam footage shows the moment Michigan police officers made a lifesaving rescue following a fiery crash during an intense police pursuit.

According to FOX 2 Detroit and Deputy Chief Archie Hamilton, the incident began after “officers observed a vehicle driving like a complete maniac.” The driver, 28-year-old Karar Nasser Al-Bedairi, had 15 outstanding warrants.

Al-Bedairi was reportedly going more than 116 mph before his car crashed into a pole and went up in flames.

As the flames began to spread, officers noticed that Al-Bedairi was unconscious at the wheel and stuck inside.

“Get a fire extinguisher,” an officer can be heard saying on bodycam video. “Get him out of the car.”

“He’s on fire,” said another officer as he yanked on the door.

Officers were eventually able to drag the man out of the car to safety just before a pop sound can be heard and the vehicle erupts in flames.

“He was treated for some minor, non-life-threatening injuries,” Hamilton told FOX 2 about the suspect. “And he was brought back to jail where he belongs.”

Hamilton said the actions of the officers on scene were admirable: “Their heroic efforts were able to ensure this guy will see another day.”