Secret Service Releases Study on Mass Shootings, Mainstream Media Ignores a Huge Commonality By: MattyP


The Secret Service recently published a 60-page report detailing its data about mass public attacks. The study was conducted by the U.S. Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center and examines 173 incidents that occurred between 2016 and 2020. 

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Each attack included in the report resulted in at least “three or more individuals injured or killed across public or semi-public spaces, including businesses, schools, and houses of worship.”

Most articles you read about this study will have one commonality: they will point the finger at guns, placing responsibility on “guns” in general. But that statement is far from accurate, and the Secret Service would agree. 

The term “mental health” is used 57 times in the 60-page report, yet the reports being generated by the mainstream media won’t mention that aspect at all. 

This poses some serious concerns when you consider what the media’s role is in shaping the general public’s perception about the topic. 

Like most articles written these days, there is a lot of finger-pointing with no real solutions presented. Their quick answer is to take away the Second Amendment, which we all know would create more issues than it would “fix” anything.

One group that is doing more for the cause of addressing the real issue is the nonprofit Hold My Guns. Their mission is to connect responsible firearm owners with voluntary, private off-site firearms storage options through their national network of gun shops and FFLs, during times of mental health crisis or personal need.

“Guns are common household items, and gun ownership is a normal part of American life,” said Sarah Joy Albrecht, Founder and Executive Director of Hold My Guns.

“According to the 2021 National Firearms Survey, 32% of the U.S. adult population ages 18 and over own firearms – this translates to about 81.4 million Americans. Prioritizing accessibility to voluntary firearms storage empowers gun owners to responsibly manage their personal matters without stigma or fear of losing their Constitutionally-protected rights,” she continued.

To further understand mass shootings, it is important to acknowledge all sides of the topic. S.H. Blannelberry wrote an interesting article that helped to contextualize mass public shootings. Of everything mentioned in this article, one stat really stood out.


It is extremely hard to view this pie chart and not see an overwhelming trend. Criminalizing firearms or responsible firearm owners will not fix the problem.  

What is our best approach? What is the answer? One thing is certain, gun-control fanatics doing what they have been doing — making gun-free zones and trying to strip us of our 2A rights — isn’t working.

The full report:

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